Author : Stephen King ISBN : 1451627289 Publisher : Scribner

Perhaps the most tragic event in American history, the Kennedy assassination took the nation and the whole world by surprise, and it wasn't an accident, it dramatically changed the course of the world policies and economy. The consequent miseries have been lived and told by millions of Americans who loved Kennedy, not for his promises or decisions, but as a person who was honest about his feelings. Imagine, if the ugly event in the pages of history could be erased and the world that could have been would be the world that you are living in now. It is possible, if you know how to do it, and Jake Epping is the man who has to do it, to snatch justice back from the morgue of time, the past. Jake is an English teacher and lives in Maine; one of his students sends him an account of his life, an event that occurred 50 years ago, during the time of killing of Kennedy; his father had come home and killed his mother, sister, and brother with a hammer, but he somehow managed to escape with a hammered leg, a scar of a memory and a wound sustained at the hands of his father made him limp for the rest of his life.

Jake Epping is intrigued by an information that his friend gives him, his friend's storeroom is a gateway into the past, precisely 1958. He can always go to the past at will and come back to the present, but only 2 minutes later, and with no memory. The challenges that has to be met in order to set history on the right track fills Jake's life with thrill and anxiety. He moves in the time of the 60s with the name of George Amberson; then life means Elvis, and dances, and a pacifying world leader in form of JFK. Driven by a cause to prevent the devastating event of Kennedy assassination, his life is dedicated to stop the dreaded event anyhow; he comes across a loner called Oswald; a beautiful lady, a librarian, Sadie Dunhill. Jake is in love with Sadie, knowing all along that he doesn't belong there, in her life in the first place. Stephen king in his novel the 11/22/63 tries to liberate the demons of Kennedy assassination with the help of a tale that will touch lives, and make extraordinary seem normal.

To those who romanticize the past, this book is like a treat from the heavens of memories. The book deals with a subject that is extremely close to the hearts of many Americans, and colors the seriousness of a supra-human plot with the human aspects of life of the protagonist, who travels through time, time and again to reassemble the past for a desired future. The different levels of understanding of the chronic pangs for justice of the unforgiving incident has been presented, and the imaginative essays make you submerge in the space that King creates for the readers. 11/22/63 has no intention to dwell in the apparent conspiracy plot, instead, it tries to approach the subject with a whole new dimension instead.

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