Many people nowadays have the tendency of accumulating media and a lot of more important data on their computers. You as is the case of other people, you can find yourself having like four thousand or more digital photos saved in a folder on your desktop, or maybe you have a lot of music which you have downloaded. That not all, you might have some very important bulk documents also stored in your computer. What you might not know is that, that media takes up a lot space on your computer and it can slow down your machine. And you can lose these important documents in case your computer’s internal hard drive crashes or you lose the machine. It is due to all these reasons that you need to invest in a 2tb external hard drive.

2tb external hard drive

Features of 2tb external hard drive

There are many models and brands of external hard drives such that it gets difficult to know which 2 terabyte external hard drive is best for you. However these features will help you get the best hard drive that will perfectly work for you. They include:

1. Capacity

In this case, our external hard drive has a storage capacity of 2 terabyte external hard drive. This feature is very important because it indicates how much data the drive can accommodate. If you have a lot of data to store in the external hard disk, then you should invest in one which has a higher capacity.

2. Speed

A 2tb hard drive speed is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). In this case, a hard drive spindle speed determines how fast the drive retrieves and also loads data. The more RPM a hard drive spins the better performance it will give. This feature is very ideal for people who want to transfer large files.

3. USB (Universal Serial Bus)

Most computers currently have at least such a connection. USB 3.0 is faster than USB 2.0. Both your external drive and computer should support USB for them to work together.

4. Cache

This is a high-speed random access memory (RAM) on the hard drive’s circuit board. It has the ability to buffer data when being transferred into the drive. The more cache the external drive has, the quick it will be in transferring data.

5. Form factor

This refers to the disk’s size which is expressed in inches. It directly relates with the disk’s storage capacity, speed and also cache.

Benefits of a 2tb External Hard Drive

A 2 terabyte external hard drive has a lot of benefits. These include:

  1. A 2tb external hard drive helps in providing more storage space on your computer thereby boosting its performance in terms of speed.
  2. The hard drive enables one to store older files which they don’t want to get rid of believing that it will get handy in future.
  3. A 2tb external hard drive greatly helps in backing up important data from your computer which might be very helpful to you in case your computer crushes or is stolen.
  4. Since they are small, light and portable they can be detached and be carried anywhere enabling you access your files even using a different computer.
  5. 2tb external hard drives which are encrypt helps to protect your data from being accessed by another person unless you permit them to.


A 2tb external hard drive is very suitable for storing your extra data from your computer thereby creating more space for your computer.

It is also suitable for storing older files which you might find useful later on. Some of this hard drive on Amazon include: WD 2TB Black Portable External Hard Drive, WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard drive. Get a 2tb hard drive and improve your computer performance.

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