Author : Jaycee Dugard ISBN : 1451629184 Publisher : Simon & Schuster

A Stolen Life: A Memoir is a story of Jaycee Dugard, the little girl who was abducted from a school bus stop, she was only 11 years old then. She was kept imprisoned for 18 years by Philip Craig and Nancy Garrido. Her life was snatched away from her the moment she saw the fleeting view of her home as she was abducted away to be enslaved by two psychologically imbalanced persons. She was robbed of a considerable amount of her youth. She was subjected to different ways of emotional and physical abuse, caused at the hands of the diseased minds. The book maps the different levels of disturbances that forms the patterns of movement of consciousness, scream for cure as they are released into the environment through acts of rape, and other such conceptions that take place in a diseased psyche.

Garrido had to meet the parole officer, and had taken Jaycee along with the two daughters, whom she had borne in the years of her captivity. The officer took notice of the unmistakable scent of misdoing that could be sensed by being around all of them. The police checked the backyard of the Garrido's home and they discovered a tent in which Jaycee had been living for years. Jaycee was released from the clutches of the misdirected minds after the investigations began, free to live a deserving life. From a kid to a mother of two daughters, she had seen the sides of life where light is extinct and, the only source of happiness is gloom. But life sustains on itself, and that is the truth of nature, and A Stolen Life: A Memoir is an account of such a face of life, Jaycee Dugard , who chose to live, the all-powerful screaming of pain and anguish within, notwithstanding.

Life can take forms that is beyond the imagination of a human-being living in a society driven by concepts based on past experiences. The out-of-date logistics of the society has been giving rise to psychologically ill-bred breed of individuals who have lost their sense of discrimination of what's humane and otherwise. The defects have percolated deep into the minds of these people who are driven to the extremes of neurotic behavior, and commit violent acts of abduction and rape. The story of Jaycee is one full of compelling tragic events that would rip apart the very canvas of human interface, the mind, and leave it vulnerable to detrimental forces of nature. Her narration flows into your heart, as the feelings resonate to complete the communication between the author and the readers.

A Stolen Life: A Memoir is a book that glorifies life, and shows few characteristics of the inextinguishable glow of the eternal force of light that beams without luminosity in the hearts of all, and guides us through the immortal, the life in life; which, in its remorse can be thought of to be put to best use through its forsaking.

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