Author : Louise Penny ISBN : 0312655452 Publisher : Minotaur Books

Clara Morrow is moving through her half-life crisis easily as she lands a definitive deal with a prestigious museum in Montreal, that brings her in the middle of a sprawling and elite art community. She has a successful solo show, and the celebrations carry on at the place of Clara at the Three Pines. Lillian Dyson, Clara's friend of twenty years and more has been found dead at the very do. The life of Clara brings her a twist the very next day of her having made a successful climb up the ladder of career. The party also hosts Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his subordinate Jean-Guy Beauvoir who reprimand their immediate doubts and start a thorough investigation that will lead them to the cause of the crime.

They find out that Clara was betrayed by Lillian during their time in college, and they have to dwell deep into the case looking at all the clues with due consideration. Both the inspectors have a natural instinct to locate the receding signs of lies and are always ready with the precise information. The oblong pieces of information that resonate in their heads convince them to go deeper into the past of Clara, and try to fit the pieces of the puzzle to know how it all transpired. Three Pines had been a place that witnessed a lot of murders often, being the plush solace of a residency that it provides. Clara's evolution as an individual is what the investigators trace as they go about arranging their amorphous pieces of evidences to make a concrete figure that will culminate into the conviction of the sinner.

A Trick of the Light is a book on the down-slide of those who are termed upscale, as the author, Louise Penny talks about the light and the blight that a heart bears inside itself. The hurt and angst of a heart can drag people to the extremes of taking another life and brings a foreclosure of conscious interruption to an unconscious surge.

Louise Penny pens a story that peels the scabs of a wound that just refuses to heal. A wound to the self-proclaimed identity that human beings possess can take them away to the direction of fulfilling their ego's desire to eradicate the stain of the wound with the help of a deeper wound that uses the human drive to hurt and injure. The various examples of the decay in the world that proliferates our ability to be envious and greedy, and so involved with the self, to the point where killing someone can be reduced to an incident, without any emotional restraints. The characters in A Trick of the Light are deeply rooted to humanity and its sphere of dreams, an artist's intention can only be diluted by the power of his own will, and if there is a will to fall then circumstances provide all the opportunities to drop yourself into the hole. A suspense thriller that will never let you rest, this book gives you all that you need to lose your sleep.

Nhut Pham

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