Author : Nnedi Okorafor ISBN : 0670011967 Publisher : Viking Juvenile

Sunny, is a prodigy, an exceptional athlete, born in America she lives in Africa in Nigeria. Her physical attributes resemble an African physique, but she is an albino who can't go to play outside, exposed to the rays of the sun. Sunny carries on with her life and discovers that she doesn't really fit in with the kids around her. The limits are soon to crossed as she discovers that she has magical abilities which lie in her unused, and she begins to test and increase her magical powers through practice. She lands herself in a zone where she can explore her potential to be and with a dedicated set of students who are learning the various dimensions of magic. The 12 year old Sunny is not a loser in her head anymore as she discovers her innate potential to rise above all the doubts of being a misfit to the world.

Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor is a book that follows Sunny and the quartet that she is a part of as they go about scaling new heights of the craft of magic. The students are thoroughly prepared and discover the various techniques to affect reality and influence the surrounding through their skill. They learn to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown, and they are also taught the purpose of owning up the skills that they have been taught. The quartet are to catch a criminal who is magically able himself and uses it for all the wrong purposes.

Akata Witch is rooted to the angst of childhood, a phase in children's life in which they face the various facets of society, the effects of outside on self. The dominance of the external ways of the world on the soul is felt by little children as well and their reaction to the different circumstances help them develop into an individual. The level of obliviousness in the lives of children can be felt through the despicable ways of projections of realities that snarl at the innocence. Sunny is subjected to a lot of troubles at the hands of fellow students at school, as she is being made fun of for the color of her skin. But the struggle comes full circle as she finds herself in a place where she belongs and can be at peace with herself. The life of Sunny is not the same as she discovers her magical ability and enrolls in a mission that aims at protecting the purity of magic.

The level of insignificance that life can touch due to lack of proper guidance from the propagators of societal values and constant emotional itching can become a hindrance to progress. Nnedi Okorafor comes forth with a book that discusses the place where the world of kids and adults intersect. The verily understandable feelings of love and fear form the screen for our inferences to pass through and Akata Witch is a book that speaks about the story of a child who is swimming to the other-side of her emotional viability.

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