Author : Andrew Bolton ISBN : 0300169787 Publisher : Metropolitan Museum of Art

Alexander McQueen's creations bejewel wardrobes worldwide, and his works portray the beautiful and intricate aspects of life and its meaning. The zest of life is what the creations are ornamented with. The designs are at the epitome of contemporary fashion sense, and he doesn't shy away from touching classics. One of the most celebrated designers of all time, Alexander McQueen has constantly pushed the limits of imagination to unravel patterns and designs that were unseen and unknown. The dedication of the designer to express the inseparable elements of life like religion, human-sexuality, human-race, and the surroundings that contain all the experiences in them. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty explains the different ends of the designer's career, of how it all began, and how it took the shape of what it is now.

The book gets deeper in to the psyche of the designer who surprises people with every line that he releases, and how he sustains his creative impulses. The book has a technical depth to its bearings as it dives deep into the techniques that Alexander developed, and how he incorporated technological innovations to blend the dynamics of haute couture with his creativity to give rise to something totally unique and exquisite. The book presents a deep look into the essence of his creations and the muse, and how the runways are designed with the help of magnificent pieces of art, it also shows how his works transcend the boundaries of fashion to become art. The book carries a lot of information for the admirers of McQueen; the semi-permeable palate of the readers understanding can experience an abundance of wisdom on fashion.

The book also holds photography by the world renowned Solve Sunsbo, photographs of the various designs of McQueen; showing the consistency in the gigantic ability of McQueen to make his dresses look like the way they do. This book also contains the interview of Sarah Burton and Tim Blanks who have designed the highly esteemed London-house of the designer. The quotes from the designer are also featured in the book as they holds a deep view into the balance and poise of a person at the helm of weaving magic through his creations.

The buzz that an Alexander McQueen launch creates is unparalleled, and he has not reached the stage at which he is at by chance, he has conditioned his mind to constantly push for new and unexplored grounds where vulnerability is your only guide. The constant rejection of the banal and the ordinary is what lead to the growth of the designer. The book is a biography of his works and his attitude to go about living in general. The trick to reach for your dreams, and achieving it is also told through the events and experiences of Alexander McQueen, telling us how he developed the resilience to climb the ladder of success by being unaware of it, and how, with all eyes fixed on the job at hand your efforts get recognized. The book, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty is a treat for those who love his work and want to appreciate it thorough learning about the processes that go into making his creations, and thoughts of various people associated with the designer himself.

Nhut Pham

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