Author : S. J. Watson ISBN : 0062060562 Publisher : Harper Paperbacks

Christine has had a serious accident that left her in an advanced state of Amnesia. She leads a life that is to be forgotten as she goes to sleep everyday, as she loses all her memory every time she goes to sleep. Her husband Ben explains her identity to her and the different aspects of her life everyday, days after days. But Christine can't recollect anything, and begins each day lost in her state of oblivion. The life of Christine is one extraordinary ride that will shatter all your beliefs regarding life and its colors. The book tracks the journey of Christine along her path to unfold the different mystery behind her life that remains locked inside her memory.

The life of Christine is subjected to all the substandard external forces that are present in the mental environment waiting for an inlet to enter the psyche of people and bring in information that might not always be necessary for the well being of an individual. She travels unconsciously in the inconspicuous danger zones of the mind, as she discovers that she has a lot of doubts about her loved ones lurking under the overshadowing shadows of her doubts on her own self. Before I go to Sleep: A Novel is a ride through the ever-present unpredictability in life, that can shake any belief and uproot it from its very foundations.

The book is a gateway to the dimensions of life that remain unexplored, being so close to us all the while. The book will shatter your comfort zone, your shelter of a dwelling zone as it questions the very identity of a human being in this infinite swirl of life-death movement. The memory that holds all the sensory and para-sensory experiences is what makes us feel the individuality, and the sense of a separate existence. But Christine's life is smothered by an event, as the accident leaves her with a peculiar state of Amnesia. Before I go to Sleep: A Novel is a book that will suspend all your beliefs in ether and lets you have an experience of Christine's life that is stuck, but still moving very much.

The life of Christine shows you how our creation of a understanding of world, a make-believe one, can outcast its very own people on the grounds of irregular mental conditions. Your tendency to reject new feelings will be questioned in every paragraph, as it confronts your easy understandings and your denials. This book is an intense experience that makes you want to realize your existence in this ocean of life, as an infinitesimally infinite being living in a society that defines the perimeters for references for the all-powerful mind that human beings possess. The intriguingly misdirected tendencies of a mind that retracts the memory every morning to begin afresh can be felt by compassion for the helplessness of Christine. The unknown element in our existence that eludes us can be felt when life is shaken by a powerful blow to its gut.

Nhut Pham

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