With thousands of air compressor reviews on the internet choosing a new air compressor can be a hugely difficult task. With so many different models available and such a large variation in prices it can be hard to know where to start looking. It’s not just price of course, air compressors vary in many other areas too, noise-level, maximum pressure, weight, size and air flow being just a few that we could mention.

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To make choosing a new air compressor a much more simple task we have created this website for you. Air Compressor Reviews is 100% unbiased in all its reviews and will make selecting a new air compressor very easy for you.

Model Max Pressure Air Flow Tank Size Weight Sound Price
Porter-Cable C2002 WK 150 PSI 3.5 CFM 6 Gal 34 lbs 82 dB $$$
Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 120 PSI 1 CFM 3 Gal 19 lbs 84 dB $
Senco PC1010 120 PSI 1 CFM 1 Gal 20 lbs 73 dB $$
California Air Tools CAT-6310 120 PSI 3.8 CFM 6.3 Gal 49 lbs 60 dB $$
Makita MAC5200 140 PSI 6.5 CFM 5.2 Gal 104 lbs 90 dB $$$$$
Porter Cable CMB15 150 PSI 2.0 CFM 1.5 Gal 20 lbs 79 dB $
Makita MAC700 130 PSI 3.8 CFM 2.6 Gal 52 lbs 80 dB $$
California Air Tools CAT-10020 125 PSI 7 CFM 10 Gal 88 lbs 70 dB $$$$$
BOSTITCH CAP1512-OF 150 PSI 2.8 CFM 1.2 Gal 30 lbs 89 dB $$
DEWALT DWFP55130 200 PSI 3.0 CFM 2.5 Gal 36 lbs 71.5 dB $$$

Air Compressor Reviews

Porter Cable C2002-WK

The Porter Cable C2002-WK is a hugely popular air compressor and one of the best selling units on the market today. The C2002 is a relatively light-weight air compressor which makes it highly portable for those moving around regularly from job to job.

Considering the small size of the tank, this model is incredibly powerful offering the user 150 PSI.

For those on the lookout for a good size tank with decent mobility, the C2002-WK is the perfect model, it may not be the quietest unit on the market today but if you don’t mind the noise (82 decibels) then this is a great air compressor overall.


Campbell Hausfeld FP209499

One of the most popular air compressors around, the Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 offers a great deal considering the very low price tag attached. The FP209499 has a 3 gallon tank, a PSI of 120 and only weights 19lbs, making it one of the lightest air compressors you can find and great for those who need to move around a lot.

Although the Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 may not be the quietest air compressor around (84 decibels), it excels in so many other areas that you almost forget that it’s quite noisy.

This unit is perfect for those at home who use an air compressor once in a while to do DIY tasks, if you are a tradesman who will be using an air compressor on a daily basis you may want an air compressor a little more hardy and a little more powerful, this particular unit is geared more towards home use than big construction use.


Senco PC1010

Senco’s most popular air compressor offers a 1 gallon tank and a PSI of 125, while it may not be a heavy duty air compressor it is more than enough for people using an air compressor at home.

Weighing just 20lbs the Senco PC1010 is very light-weight and therefore very portable should you wish to move it around from time to time, the easy grip handle makes things very simple for loading it in and out of your vehicle or shed.

It is also fairly inexpensive model and very affordable to those on a tight budget. The Senco PC1010 also has a great reputation for its reliability and also happens to be fairly quiet in comparison with other similar models at just 73 decibels. If you are looking for an air compressor to carry out light to medium duties then this model is a great choice.


California Air Tools CAT-6310

California Air Tools most affordable air compressor, the CAT-6310 offers great value to the customer and also happens to be one of the quietest air compressors on the market today. At just 60 decibels it is up to 33% quieter than many other similar models, if you are looking to reduce noise then this is the number one choice.

While it may be quiet, that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful! The CAT-6310 comes with a 6.3 gallon tank and a PSI of 120, perfect for those looking for a new air compressor for the home.

At 49lbs the CAT-6310 is also surprising light and easy to move around thanks to the handle and wheels that are attached to the unit. If you are looking for portability then you won’t have any problems moving it around.


Makita MAC5200

It’s big, it’s heavy and it’s pretty expensive, but it will get the job done every single time without fail! The Makita MAC5200 offers a 5.2 gallon tank and a maximum PSI of 140, however, for such a large unit and with a fairly expensive price-tag attached this model is probably geared more towards heavy-duty usage rather than home use.

At 104 lbs the Makita MAC5200 is one of the heaviest around, lifting it in and out of a vehicle won’t be easy. thankfully it does have wheels and two handles attached to help you move it around when you need to. It is also quite loud, at 90 decibels it is the loudest in our top 10 air compressor review, basically it screams ‘heavy-duty’ and ‘construction site’ rather than ‘home garage’.


Porter Cable CMB15

The Porter Cable CMB-15 is a very popular air compressor that has glowing consumer reviews by all. You get a light-weight air compressor that is easily portable and easy to store when not in use.

The CMB-15 also comes with a 1.5 gallon tank and offers a maximum PSI of 150, more than enough for most users. At 79 decibels this fairly small unit is quite loud, however, it does excel in all other departments.


Makita MAC700

The Makita MAC700 is one of the most popular air compressors on the market today, known as the ‘Big Bore’ it comes with a 2.0 HP motor, 2.6 gallon tank and offers the user up to 130 PSI. At 80 decibels the Big Bore unsurprisingly isn’t among the most quiet air compressor around today, however, it is perfect for those looking for a heavy-duty air compressor that won’t fail you in those harsh work environments.

Surprisingly, even though it does weigh 52 lbs, it is fairly portable, the slim design and large handle makes it easy to move from job to job or store whenever it is not in use.


California Air Tools CAT-10020

The California Air Tool CAT-10020 is a fairly expensive model which offers a huge 10 gallon tank, 2 HP motor and a PSI of 125. At 88 lbs it is one of the heavier units, however, thanks to the two wheels and easy grip handle it is easily portable when you do wish to move it.

Advertised as ‘ultra-quiet’, the California Air Tools CAT-10020 operates at just 70 decibels, that is an average of 10-20 decibels lower than most other similar air compressors.

While it may not be the cheapest air compressor around, it does excel at pretty much every are you can possibly think of.



The Bostitch CAP1512-OF is a light-weight unit that weights just 30 lbs and is easily portable for those who move around a lot. With a maximum PSI of 150 and a 1.2 gallon tank you can’t really go wrong with this incredibly compact unit.

As with all smaller units, the Bostitch CAP1512-OF is fairly loud, it runs at 89 decibels, those after a quiet air compressor may wish to look elsewhere, if you don’t mind the noise however, this air compressor excels at just about everything else including the very low price.



The DEWALT DWFP55 is a heavy duty air compressor that offers a 2.5 gallon tank and a PSI of 200, the most powerful PSI of all the top 10 air compressors reviews. Not only is this unit very powerful, it is also very quiet at just 71.5 decibels.

Weighing just 36 lbs the DEWALT DWFP55 is easily portable for those who move around a lot and thanks to its compact design it will fit easily inside your vehicle or garage when not in use.

How to choose Best  Air Compressor 2017

When buying a new air compressor their are many things you need to take into consideration. Air compressor reviews are great, however,you also need to take into account the features and what each air compressor can do.

Air Speed And Volume

Air compressors are primarily measured in both PSI and CFM. PSI measures air pressure and CFM measures air volume.

Here is how to calculate what is required in your new air compressor:

Single Tool Use:

Write down the PSI and CFM requirements of your most demanding tool, your new air compressor will require:

  • A PSI that’s greater or equal to what is listed
  • A CFM that is at least 1.25 times greater than what is listed

Multi Tool Use:

Write down the PSI and CFM requirements of your two most demanding tools, your new air compressor should have:

  • A PSI that is equal or greater than what is listed for the most demanding tool
  • A CFM that’s at least 1.25 times greater than both tools combined

Tank Size

The tank on an air compressor will affect two things, the maximum CFM and the maximum running time. All air compressors will have the CFM listed on the unit, therefore you have no reason to learn what the relationship is between the two. If the CFM is big enough for your needs, the tank is big enough.

Maximum running time is something that is important to think about. The bigger the tank, the longer the compressor will run without needing to be refilled.

If your tool only requires short bursts of air then a small tank will suffice. However, if your tool requires longer periods of compressed air then a larger tank would be better.


Air compressors are available in two forms: portable and stationary. Stationary air compressors are often bolted down, portable ones can be moved from job to job.

While an air compressor may be listed as portable, that doesn’t mean they are easy to move. Some will still be heavy and may require two people to help move the unit.

With portability you will generally lose out on power, finding the right balance can be a difficult task.

Power Source

Air compressors are usually powered by electricity or gasoline, each comes with its own advantages:

Electricity is cleaner and won’t emit fumes, this means they are good for indoor use.

Gasoline air compressors cannot be used indoors but are much cheaper to operate. You also won’t require access to an electrical socket and therefore can use it anywhere provided you have a tank of gas.

Oiled V Oil Free

Air compressors will come in two categories, oiled or oil-free. The most obvious difference between the two is that the oiled air compressor will need an oil change every no and again.

Oil compressors are heavier and more expensive, however, they last significantly longer.

Oil-free compressors are cheaper and lighter, over time they lose their lubrication and because they cannot be oiled, they eventually break down.

Noise Levels

An air compressor is a noisy machine, however, your choice of model can greatly effect how many decibels you have to endure.

Some air compressor models pride themselves on their low decibel levels, if you have hearing issues or want a much quieter model be sure to find one of the low-noise units.

Single Stage V Two Stage

Piston air compressors can be categorised as either one stage or two stage.

Single air compressors draw in the air and compress it to its final pressure in a single piston stroke.

Two stage air compressors draw in air and first compress it to an intermediate pressure. The air is then cooled before it is compressed a second time to its final pressure.

The primary difference between the two is that the two-stage compressor can generate more power. Single stage air compressors offer a maximum of 150 PSI and 100 CFM, two stage air compressors can exceed both of them numbers.

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