A baby monitor is an alternative adult supervision device that remotely responds to movements made by infants. Baby monitors can either use audio or video transmissions. An audio baby monitor has a transmitter unit that is furnished with a microphone. The audio monitor is usually set beside the child. The monitor transmits radio waves to the receiving unit consisting of a speaker. The person caring for the infant has the access to the speaker. Some monitors are customized to include a music system. On the other hand, the video monitors consist of a receiver and a video camera that generates a clip of the child. The video monitor is commonly called the baby cam. This article will highlight the features of the best baby monitor and the reasons why buyers should consider to purchase the item based on its functions.

best baby monitor

Features of The Best Baby Monitor:

1. Sound and Motion Detectors

Best baby monitors have video or audio monitors that sense the movement and sounds of the child. The receivers turn on when the infant makes strange sounds or motions as a result of discomfort. The fact that the receiver turns on when the child is under discomfort extends the battery life of the baby monitor.

2. Portable video and audio unit

Video monitors have the color LCD screen that displays the position of the baby. The carer for the infant can watch the movement of the baby from the screen anywhere since the device is portable. The LCD screen vary in size and therefore parents should choose the ideal size for them. Some of the screens have an option to adjust the brightness.

3. Signal Indicator

Best baby monitors have a unit that detects when the parent is moving the monitor's range. The indicator emits a beeping sound or light to notify the parent that they are moving out of the child’s zone. The range for the monitors differs depending on the size of the house or the material used to build the house. However, it is advisable to have monitors that permit a greater range.

4. Connectivity

Most video and audio monitors can be connected to DVD and VCR recorders. Others can be connected to televisions monitors so that the parents can view the movements of the babies on big monitors. Connectivity enhances the versatility of the baby monitors.

5. Batteries

Baby monitors have electrical or non-rechargeable batteries. The batteries supply the energy required for the efficient functioning of the monitors and detectors. Battery efficiency is enhanced because the video and audio monitors function only when the child is uncomfortable. Battery life is a key component of the best baby monitor.

Why buyers should buy Baby Monitor?

Buyers should choose this product because of the features highlighted above. The baby monitor ensures that the baby attendants can hear when the infants wake up even when they are away from the infants. Baby monitors make the children secure since they attract attention from the parents.


In conclusion, baby monitors are a modern method employed by parents to provide immediate care for their infants. Besides, there are technological improvements to the monitors to cater for the baby's comfort. However, pediatricians believe that monitors give a false impression that the kid is safe. Therefore, parents are advised not to exclusively rely on the baby monitors for full attendance to children.

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