Beautiful and quality videos are captured by well designed camera with special features which are commonly known as camcorder. These cameras can capture different sceneries ranging from your kid’s soccer to action sports in full high definition display or rather called Full HD. Events like weddings, funeral functions, political rallies, church events, birthday celebrations, home gigs among other activities can be clearly recorded using a good camcorder. Therefore, acquiring the best camcorder 2017 is essential for documenting your real image for fun or for posterity. In this regard, one should keenly consider several features and factors while soliciting for the best camcorder 2017 suitable for the day’s purpose.

best camcorder 2017

Best Camcorder Table Comparison In 2017

Product Name Zoom Resolution Video  
Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD 10x 2.37 MP 1080p HD
Canon VIXIA HF R600 32x 3.09 MP 1920 x 1080
Panasonic HC-V270 Super Zoom 50x 2.2 MP 1080p HD
Samsung HMX-F90/F900 52x 5 MP 1280 x 720
Sony HD Video Recording HDRCX405 Handycam 30x 2.3 MP 1080p HD

Features of the Best Camcorder 2017

1. Manual Controls

This feature is designed to give the user ability to override the default settings that control the manner in which a video is recorded. These settings include exposure, white balance, focus and shutter speed. Changes in each parameter alter the end result of the recorded video which may customize your needs.

2. Optical Zoom

These cameras are designed with two types of zoom. Digital zoom involves enlargement of the picture without improving its clarity. When exposed to high level zooming, it tends to distort pictures and exaggerates the motion of the camcorder. Optical zoom on the other side is commonly found in old 35mm camcorders with an allowance of the lens moving in or out to focus on the target object.

3. External Microphone Port

Inbuilt microphones tend to be miniature in their form thus typically having varying sizes and quality which affects the end results of sound system. Additional external microphone enhances sound quality. This also improves the overall usability of the camcorder. However, addition of an external microphone requires a microphone and some sometimes a mini-stereo jack. This mini-stereo jack improves the quality of sound on recording.

4. Image Stabilization

This tool counteracts the effects of shaky hands thus improving performance of the camcorder. Optical image stabilization is designed in the lens of a camcorder encompassing sensors that counteract small movements of the camera. It improves the clarity of a video without necessarily reducing the camcorder resolution. Digital image stabilization on the hand centers an image in the process of recording and hence it tends to reduce video resolution.

5. Viewfinder

Nowadays, a traditional viewfinder is gradually being face out of most camcorders. They are being replaced by LCD screens for viewing while recording. Large LCD screens makes visual display easy and provides an allowance of reviewing footage and comfortably navigating the menus. Viewfinders are able to rotate to a maximum of 270 degrees thus can be able to shoot different angles.


Benefits of Best Camcorder 2017

1. More creative controls

A good camcorder should be flexible to adjustments in terms of exposure, diverse focus, creative filters, and longer zoom range. As compared to digital cameras which may not zoom while recording, camcorders allow for more control on the final results.

2. Extra comfort and tri-pod use

Best camcorders 2017 are modified with a long grip in mind and they offer required comfort. The use of tripod in camcorders enables steadier snapshots.

3. More storage memory

The best camcorder 2017 comes with flash memory that is able to archive more data of at least three hours footage. Also, it should have ports for adding data storage memory cards.

4. Better Sound and Video Quality

A camcorder with 1080p is much powerful than a camera or smartphone with 1080p. Also a camcorder can record 60 frames per second (fps) but camera can only do 30 or less. Therefore motion like panning encourages blurred pictures.

5. Longer Record Times

Best camcorder is able to take longer videos. Normal digital cameras rarely go beyond half an hour. A camcorder can even do more than 3 hours making it more desirable.



Best camcorders 2017 have the above features and benefits. They are suitable for many events covering with different qualities. You should select the best camcorder depending on your needs. These cameras are readily available on Amazon and they are preferably affordable. You do not need to worry if you are looking for one. Best camcorder models and brands available on Amazon include: GoPro HERO4, Canon VIXIA HF R700 camcorder and Sony HD Video Recording HDRCX. There you go!

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