One of the most essential and vital components of any vehicle, will be the best car batteries 2017. It is responsible for supplying power to the car, lights of the car and the ignition system of the car most especially when the car engine is off. Once the car’s engine starts running, the power is supplied by a generator or in most current vehicles by an alternator. A vehicle’s battery is mostly known as an SLI which stands for Starting, Lighting and Ignition.

best car batteries 2017

Features to look out for in the best car batteries 2017

The best car batteries 2017 needs to have the following features so that it works efficiently.

1. Size

Size refers to all the dimensions of your car battery which include the length, width and its height. This information is always available on a car’s user manual.


2. Reserve Capacity

Also abbreviated as RC, a battery’s reserve capacity refers to the amount of time mostly in minutes that the car battery can supply power continuously to the car in case of failure in the fan belt or the alternator. If your car battery has an excellent Reserve Capacity rating, it will enable the car run efficiently even if the alternator stops.


3. Cranking Amps (CA)

Refers to a car battery unique feature that shows you how much current your car battery will produce within half a minute at a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and not having a drop in voltage on any of the cells to below 1.2 volts. For marine cranking amps this is also known as MCA (Marine Cranking Amps).


4. Cold Cranking Amp( CCA)

This test is almost the same as that of Cranking Amps only that it is done at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This feature is very essential especially if you reside in a very cold climate, since there is a tendency of slowness in the chemical reaction producing electrical current in car batteries when the temperature drops. A car battery that has a higher number of CCA is the best option for vehicles in colder areas.


5. Age

The amount of time that a battery has been out for sale since it was manufactured is a very essential feature as far as car batteries are concerned. The best car batteries 2017 are those that have a shelf life of less than six months. The manufacturing date is usually indicated on the battery case or label. This is always indicated in letters and digits such as A for January, B for February and so on. The ear is indicated as 9 for 1999, 0 for 2000 and so on.


6. Brand

Refers to the trademark that is given to any given product. At times, the brand name is also shared by the manufacturer. For instance, an Exide company produces the Chloride Exide batteries.

More features to look out for before settling for a given car battery are available on the car battery’s user manual.


Benefits of the best car batteries 2017

Having the best car battery in your car has a number of advantages which include:

  1. Best car batteries 2017 don’t need to be connected to an electrical system for it to work therefore ideal for vehicles and other mobile devices that need power.
  2. These car batteries are very reliable in starting a car’s engine in case the alternator fails.
  3. A car battery can be utilized in other electronics such as TVs, radios among others in areas lacking efficient power supply.
  4. Car batteries are easy to maintain and take quite a longer time before replacement is required.
  5. Car batteries are one responsible for proving power for lighting, listening to radio or charging your phone when the car’s engine is not running.



Best car batteries 2017 are suitable for charging mobiles, providing lighting and also listening to the radio when the engine is off. Car batteries help in starting the engine of the car among other things. Examples of Amazon car batteries include: Odyssey Car Battery, Optima Yellow Top batteries among other brands. Get a good battery brand for your car and you will never regret.

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