Although cordless phones are overlooked due to the emergency of cell phones, they are still present in the market and they are favorably competing with the latest inventions. They are pacing in the market with crowded wireless and internet based telecommunication devices. The best cordless phones 2017 can to some extend substitute cell phones although others can let you switch between landline and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). A drop in the use of these gadgets has been attributed to the rampant use of cell phones. However, there are cases where household phones are needed most. As compared to the landlines, best cordless phones 2017 have better voice quality for talking and listening which is an important feature especially to those having hearing impairment. These phones when at home provide enhanced security as well. Although the phones may be available in the market, but a little attention has to be leveraged on the choice of the device.

best cordless phones 2017

Best Cordless Phones Table Comparison In 2017

Name Brand Batteries Our Scores  
Panasonic KX-TGE275S Panasonic 10 AAA 9.9
AT&T CL82401 AT&T 2 AAA 9.8
Motorola IT6-2 Motorola 2 Nonstandard 9.4
VTech DS6621-2 Vtech 1 Nonstandard 9.5
Panasonic KX-TGF352N Panasonic 2 AAA 9.4
Panasonic KX-TGE433B Panasonic 6 AAA 9.4
VTech LS6425-3 Vtech 2 Nonstandard 9.4
AT&T CL83203 Vtech 1 Nonstandard 9.5
Panasonic KX-TGE263S Panasonic 2 AAA 9.5
Panasonic KX-TGE262S Panasonic 4 AAA 9.4

Features of Best Cordless Phones 2017

Call Clarity

The best cordless phones 2017 have a good quality of a voice call. Almost all cordless phones maintain this good call quality since they transmit a signal from the base unit to the handsets. Transmitters in different models perform differently and hence you should be careful in choosing a better one.


These phones are designed for static use and not mobile. Most of these phones have a range of 200 to 300 feet that are enough for household operations. However, objects like walls can hamper the performance of these cordless phones.

Battery Life

Since these phones do not involve huge tasks other than receiving calls and calling with some appreciating text messages, they need long lasting batteries. Long lasting batteries are equivalent to longer calls. A battery life of at least 10 days is advisable.

Charging Time

Best cordless phones 2017 call for ideal quick recharge times. Fast chargers need at least seven hours to maximize charge-intake. The worst batteries need 12 hours or more to charge. This may hamper your calls.

Answering machine recording time

Most of these phones have inbuilt answering machines which vary depending to the space dictated to record messages. The best cordless phones 2017 are able to hold up to 30 minutes of audio messages. They also hold at least 10 minutes of recording messages.

Bluetooth Compatibility

The best cordless phones 2017 allow you to connect to Bluetooth devices like smartphones or wireless headphones. This enables useful features like notifications on receiving a text message. Bluetooth makes these phones more versatile.

After Sale Support and Warranty

Most models of these phones come with a one year warranty giving more time to notice any factory defaults. This also validates the support system of manufacturers allowing you tell real brands in the market and quacks. Tools like online “Live Chats” can do wonders when it comes to addressing customer queries and compliments.


Benefits of Best Cordless Phones 2017

  1. This type phone is suitable even in times of power outage; you will still be able to communicate especially if you have maximized its battery charge.
  2. Most cordless phones are compatible with a majority of Bluetooth devices. This enhances that to adopt additional features like push and pull notifications especially with smartphones.
  3. Best cordless phones 2017 can be synchronized with your smartphone to enhance an integrated simulation that improves the performance of your home telephone.
  4. Since these phones are limited to a certain space, they are reliable for household use especially if the wires used are quality ones.
  5. These phones enhance home security especially in case of burglary; one can use them to alert the neighbors or even security agents.
  6. Enhances communication between for example a school nurse and the parents. They may come in handy to relay instant messages that can save situations.
  7. For an organization, the phone is the best for enhancing internal or interdepartmental communication paving way for a seamless company performance.



It will be a bit difficult to wipe away this kind of phones because despite of technology, their purpose still stands high. They tend to produce negligible radio emissions in the environment and are rated best for sound quality. They are suitable for any group of persons in use of them including the children. The best cordless phones 2017 found on Amazon include: VTech CS67 19-2 Dect 6.0, Panasonic Link2Cell KX-TG7875S Dect and AT&T EL52313 Dect 6.0.

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