Sleep is one of the best and most important ways of resting and relaxing after a long tiring day. Having a comfortable and adequate night or day sleep depending on one’s schedule has a number of benefits. Such benefits include; adequate sleep helps in refreshing one’s mind and also improving the memory, a nice and comfortable sleep can increase one’s life span as it enables you get rid of stress, sleep generally is very vital and should not be overlooked. In order to achieve all the benefits of a good and comfortable sleep, one needs to have a comfortable mattress and a mattress topper. Bes mattress topper 2017 is designed to be put on top of a mattress in order to provide comfort and warmth to the user.It is mostly made from foam material.

best mattresses 2017

Features of the Best Mattresses 2017

The following are the features of a mattress topper that will enable one determine which mattress topper is the best for them.

1. Material

Best Mattresses 2017 come in different materials plain egg crate foam, polyester material, cotton, feathers or one made from memory foam which is quite more expensive. Those made of latex are the most expensive.

2. Weight and density

The softness of the foam usually depends on the weight and density of the toppers. The best mattress toppers should be have a higher weight and density and also soft at the same time. Toppers which are lighter tend to be cheaper.

3. Thickness

Bes mattress topper 2017 that is thick enough provides more comfort than one that is not very thick. For average people a 3-inches thickness is ideal but they can by up to 5-inches depending on their preference.

4. Size

The size of the mattress topper should correspond with the size of the mattress it is intended for.

5. Comfort and softness

Best Mattress toppers 2017 have different level of comfort and softness based on the material they have been made from.  Mattress toppers made from latex or memory foam are more comfortable and softer as compared to those made from other materials.

6. Noise control

Memory foam and latex mattress toppers are very ideal in reducing the noise caused by movement from a tossing partner or bed mate.

7. Ease of cleaning and moving

Egg crate mattress topper is the easiest to move while feather and cotton ones are easier to transport than memory foam or latex toppers. Feather toppers are very hard to clean.

Benefits of the Best Mattress Toppers 2017

Mattress toppers have a number of benefits that one should not miss out on. They include:

  1. Best Mattress 2017 help to reduce overheating and constant sweating at night.
  2. A mattress topper helps in getting rid of dust mites and allergic mold and mildew caused by a damp mattress.
  3. Best Mattress toppers 2017 allow one’s body to settle in a natural position thus keeping pressure off the back. This greatly reduces the tendency of back pain.
  4. Mattress toppers help in reducing sagging or having a depression on your mattress.
  5. Most mattress toppers are easy to clean without using a lot of energy as the energy needed in cleaning a mattress.
  6. Some mattress toppers have the ability of reducing the noise caused by the tossing or movement of one’s partner or bed mate.
  7. Mattress toppers are very comfortable and also help in prolonging the life of your mattress.
  8. Opting for a mattress topper rather than replacing your mattress is more cost effective.
  9. Mattress toppers come in different sizes that can fit any mattress size.
  10. Mattress toppers are easily portable thereby enabling you to go with it anywhere even on a trip away for maximum comfort.


The best mattresses 2017 are suitable in getting rid of back pain due to sleeping on a sagging mattress. They are suitable in providing maximum comfort and warmth when one is sleeping. Some of the best mattress toppers on Amazon include: Queen Size 2inch thick Foam Mattress topper, Sleep Master Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper. More options are available with different prices and features. Hurry and get one based on your preference and budget. Merry Christmas and A Prosperous 2017!

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