Wooden products are normally the best and most affordable products for both home and industrial use. This is because timber can be molded into different desired architectural shapes and model products. The art of designing quality products is not that easy. It involves putting together work pieces of varied sizes and shapes to produce desired products. Working on timber involves a lot of cutting that delivers a client’s customized product. This can also produce the best designs for your home products. A miter saw refer to a powered equipment manufactured with ultimate precision to produce accurate and quick cuts in work pieces. Miter saw is commonly used in timber molding and frame operations. Its blade ranges from eight to twelve inches depending on the type and size of timber cut. Its functioning involves cutting work pieces through pulling a spinning circular blade down in a controlled motion. Its index allows an angle to adopt flexible changes of blade that is relative to the fence. It is also known as a drop saw that specializes in framing and molding. They are less hazardous and have a tough grip on the work piece during woodwork.

best miter saws

Features of Best Miter Saws 2017

1. Strong articulated blade guards

Blade guards are designed to keep the guards visual clear of the stock which helps you to focus directly on the cutting line. This improves blade precision and reduces work pieces errors.

2. Use of electric brakes

Brakes perform reverse of flow of power on the motor. This happens after releasing the trigger. Brakes enhance emergency stops of the saw. These therefore reduce the extent of damage or enhance perfection.

3. Depth stops

These stops are responsible for controlling the depths of cuts in work piece.

4. Positive stops

These are specified settings designed to enable precise and quick cuts of different inclinations.

5. Size of the blade

This refers to the variance of blade diameter. Large diameter allows for longer cuts however, most miter saws have sizes ranging from 8 to 12 inches.

6. Amps

Amps measure the power of the miter saw motor. High power motors represents high amps that offers more cutting.

7. Spindle or shaft locks

These features assist in immobilizing the shaft and blade which simplify blade dynamics.

8. Dust chutes and blowers

Dust chutes and blowers work simultaneously to remove sawdust from the cutting area.

9. Dust bags

These bags are mounted onto the miter saw to collect sawdust.

10. Table extensions

Table extensions connect to the sides of the miter saw and they support longer stock to have accurate cuts.

11. Sliding and flip fences

Slides and flip fences are responsible for supporting taller stock to achieve standard miter cutting. They allow sliding or flipping to make the bevel cuts or support longer work pieces.

12. Laser lights and laser guides

These project beams of light and cast shadows to the work pieces making you achieve accurate guide cuts.

13. Digital displays

It makes the bevel to be easily read and display other miter saw settings information.

14. Safety of the miter saw

The saw is safe enough since most cutting edges are protected to reduce accidental injuries.


Benefits of Best Miter Saws 2017

1. Exemplary accuracy and precision

You are able to achieve fine desired angle cuttings due to the well devised and ideal locking feature.

2. Ability to cut in different angles

The saw is flexible to setting a variety of cutting angles without stopping. Presetting the angles may deliver unprecedented cuts. 

3. Quality cutting work

A miter saw provides quality and smooth cuts with special attention to accuracy and excellent evenness. It also works perfect with rough edges and cuts.

4. Ability to offer different types of cuts

The miter saw is able to provide a variety of angles and smooth curves in a work piece. You are able to achieve a range of wider of cuts like crown moldings and simple wooden framing.

5. Saves you time

The saw is powered offering quick and wider cuts in comparison with the manual saws. This makes it convenient and cost effective.

6. User friendly

It is easy to use and friendly to even new users. This makes it desirable by many.


Best miter saws are compact with high precision. They are affordable with long lasting frames. The saw makes cutting easier and faster. Proper choosing of a miter saw may make your timber cuts perfect and excellent. The saw is suitable for both home and commercial purposes. The best brands on Amazon include: DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel, DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single Bevel and Hitachi 10FCE2 15-Amp 10-Inch.

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