Are you one of those motorists who are having issues and bad encounter with traffic officers due to over speeding? Well, don’t despair because you are not alone. This is a very common encounter in many highways. Over speeding means that a person is driving their vehicles exceeding the stipulated speed by law of a given state or even country. Once you are nabbed by the traffic police, you are likely to be given a ticket for over speeding. This is not a good thing at all because your car will be marked and blacklisted by the police. To avoid all these, it is very important to invest in the best radar detector 2017. This is an electronic gadget that drivers use to detect whether speed is being tracked by the traffic officers.

best radar detector 2017

Best Radar Detector Table Comparison In 2017

Product Name Detection Bluetooth Community Built-In GPS Warranty  
Escort Max 360 Ka-Band, K-Band, X-Band Yes Yes Yes 1 Year
Whistler Cr90 Laser Ka-Band, K-Band, X-Band No No Yes 2 Years
Valentine One Ka-Band, K-Band, X-Band Yes No No 1 Year
Escort Max ll HD Ka-Band, K-Band, X-Band Yes Yes Yes 1 Year
Escort RedLine Ka-Band, K-Band, X-Band No No No 1 Year

Features of the best radar detector 2017

In order to ensure that as a motorist you get the best radar detector 2017 for your car, you need to look for the following features:

1. Type

Radar detectors come in three types corded which are mount on the wind screen, cordless which are very portable and provide a cleaner installation and a remote-mount one which is mounted on the vehicle permanently.

2. City mode

A city mode on a detector reduces the sensitivity of your radar detector so as to prevent false alerts generated from sources that have similar signals.

3. Laser

A radar detector which has 360-degree laser detection has the ability to get pulses both on the sides and behind because it has two sensors.

4. VG2 and Spectre protection

These technologies are very vital in a radar detector as they are able to let the motorist know if the traffic police are using Radar Detector Detectors (RDD).This will help you to switch your detector off and hide it so that you don’t get into problem with the police.

5. Digital Voice alerts

This feature is able to inform the motorist if the device has picked up any signal such that he/she can concentrate on the road rather than looking at the display on the detector.

6. GPS Navigation

GPS is able to warn the motorist when the car is nearing traffic lights, CCTV or even traffic police spots. This protects the driver from threats.


Benefits of the best radar detector 2017

Having a radar detector in your vehicle has a number of benefits which include:

  1.  A good radar detector is able to boost the confidence of the motorist and also enable them to relax while driving.
  2.  Radar detectors are quite affordable and they offer convenient protection from both over speeding tickets and accident.
  3. The device is able to warn you if the police have a Radar Detector Detectors which enables you to slow down therefore avoid being nabbed by the police.
  4. With a good radar detector, you are able to keep your speed on check, thereby avoiding accidents caused by over speeding.
  5. Most of the radar detectors available in the market are portable therefore can be used with different cars.
  6. They are very easy to use since it comes with a user manual.



The best radar detector 2017 is suitable for avoiding being nabbed by the police due to over speeding. They are able to give you peace of mind while driving as you are able to know if you are approaching traffic police or even lights. Some of the models of these detectors found on Amazon include: Cobra 9-band performance Radar Detector, Escort Solo S3 Radar Detector, Whistler Easy to read Radar Detector. Many more models are available on Amazon and also other online markets such as ebay.

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