Technological invention and advancement has really made life very easy in every aspect. Different machines, devices and even appliances have been invented all thanks to technology and whoever came up with it. The kitchen is one place that has really been covered well in terms of appliances that have come up due to technological advancements. From dish washers, wall oven, cooking ranges, food processors among others. One of the inventions that have really helped a great deal also in the kitchen is the best rice cookers 2017. This refers to a small electric appliance with an inner pan and an external pot to hold the inner pot that is perfectly designed to cook rice.

best rice cookers 2017

Features of the best rice cookers 2017

The following are the features found in the best rice cookers:

1. A digital timer

This feature enables your rice cooker to switch on at a specified period of time and it also able to show you the amount of time remaining for the rice to be ready.

2. An easy to clean bowl

This is an insert bowl where the rice to be cooked is put. The bowl should be a non stick one and easy to clean, though some are dish washer safe.

3. Lid type

A sealed lid prevents the rice from spattering when being cooked and it also prevents any rattling. A rice cooker that does not have a sealed lid is cheaper and easier to clean compared to those that come with sealed lids.

4. Handle

Best rice cookers 2017 come with a large handle most cases plastic or rubber ones for easy lifting especially when full.

5. A removable cord

This feature is very convenient as it makes it easy to store the cooked rice. You can also use the cooker as a portable server without having to drag a long power cord.

6. Steamer basket

Best rice cookers 2017 that come with a compatible steamer basket enables one to cook vegetables or meat at the same time you are cooking the rice.

7. Measuring cup and spatula

The cup is used for measuring the amount of rice you are intending to cook while the spatula should be used to get the rice from the cooker. Some cookers also come with a spatula holder.

8. Quick setting

Not all models come with this feature. Though it is very useful if you have very little time and you want your rice ready within a very short time.

9. Automatic keep warm setting

This feature will enable your rice to stay warm even after the cooker has been removed from the power supply.

10.Stay cool exterior

Such rice cookers do not have their exterior get hot even after the rice is cooked. This helps not to burn your fingers when the cooker is on.

Benefits of the best rice cookers 2017

Best rice cooker 2017 has a number of benefits to whoever uses it, these benefits include:

  1. Best rice cookers 2017 cook rice perfectly, separating the grains without under cooking or overcooking the rice.
  2. Most rice cookers come with measuring cups for the rice and calibrated bowl indicating the amount of water that needs to be added in order for the rice to cook well.
  3. Some models come with settings that are able to steam vegetables, fish or even cooking soups and stews.
  4. Some models have programmable settings which are easy to use. These enable one to cook different kinds of rice including white, brown, wild rice and even oatmeal.
  5. A keep warm setting on the cooker allows the rice to stay warm for 20 or up to 12 hours depending on the model of the rice cooker.
  6. Rice cookers come in different sizes depending on the size of your family.


Best rice cookers 2017 are suitable for cooking rice perfectly as they cook evenly. With a rice cooker, you can steam vegetables and even fish. Some of the brands available on Amazon include: Aroma Housewares digital rice cooker, Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker with Steamer. Other brands are also available but at different prices. Make your choice.


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