Most people buy different items from the market without necessarily knowing whether what they have bought is the exact quantity of what they have paid for or not. Also many people are trying to keep fit and also lose unnecessary weights which are mostly related with heart diseases. In order to ensure that you can get all the above facts right, you need to invest in a good personal scale. Best scales 2017 are gadgets that is used to measure weight or even calculate mass. The current scales used today are electronic and digital. They have been devised to be so accurate as to get the actual weight of anything being measured.

best scales 2017

Best Scales Table Comparison In 2017

Name Capacity Memory   Features  
Withings Body Cardio 396lbs 8 users BMI, body fat, muscle, bone mass, water, Heart rate, Pulse wave velocity
Garmin Index Smart Scale 400lbs 16 users BMI, body fat and water percentage, skeletal, muscle and bone mass
Philips Connected Body Analysis Weight Scale 397lbs 8 users BMI and body fat percentage
FitBit Aria Wifi Smart scale 350lbs 8 users Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), lean mass, Body fat
Tanita BC533 Glass Innerscan Body Composition Monitor 330lbs 4 users Body Fat %, Water %
Weight Gurus Wifi Smart Connected Body Fat Scale 400lbs 8 users BMI, Body fat, muscle mass, hydration, bone density
AcuHealth Body Fat Scale and Fitness Analyzer 400lbs 10 users Body Weight, Body Water, Body Fat, BMI, BMR, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat and Physiological Age

Features to look for when selecting best scales 2017

So as to get the best scales 2017 to fit your needs, ensure the scale you settle for has the following unique features:

1. Pan / plotter size

Pan size refers to the expansiveness and depth the pan for holding on goods is. A wider and deeper pan tends to carry accommodate more goods as opposed to a narrower and shallower pan.

2. Accuracy

This refers to the consistency of a scale. Best scales 2017 should not fluctuate or have errors while measuring different weights.

3. Capacity

Capacity refers to the surface area against volume ratio of a given scale. Huge scales are mostly used for larger loads as opposed to smaller scales.


4. Model

Knowing the best model of scale will save you the hassle of not buying scales that will give you a lot of problems in future when it comes to weighing stuffs.


5. Check-weighing and sorting

It refers to the ability of a scale to give integrated sorting of products into different channels. Be it underweight or even overweight.


6. Compact and modular

A compact scale is very portable and offers solutions that integrate quality and also effectiveness.


7. Resistance

Best scales 2017 should be made of a durable material so as to withstand constant wear and tear and to also be able to withstand harsh weather condition.


8. Cleanliness

A good scale should be made from an easy to clean material so as to ensure that it does not easily spread infections or diseases to different people.


Benefits of having best scales 2017

Owning best scales has a number of benefits to whoever uses it. These benefits include

  1. Buying a good scale saves you money as you will be able to track and avoid leakage of revenue.
  2. Best scales 2017 are important because they increase the chances of a person getting the accurate product weight and reduce losses that occur due to inaccurate measures.
  3. Digital weighing scales have unique features that make it easier to measure different types of items and also ingredients.
  4. With a good scale in position, you are assured that whatever you are buying has met the required weight regulations. This helps in preventing purchase and selling of counterfeit products.
  5. Scales are able to manage quality control processes and also give a unique opportunity for keenly checking for all aspects required during production.



Best scales 2017 are very suitable especially when looking for accuracy and value for money especially when measuring products. Scales are also suitable for efficiency and also ensuring that the weight regulations of products have been met. Some example of best scales found on Amazon include: Balance High Accuracy Bathroom Scale, Kinzi Precision Bathroom scale, Yunmai Wireless Bluetooth smart scale. More models are available depending on one’s budget and also preference. Get a unit and you will love the outcome.

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