Life these days has been made very easier almost in every aspect due invention and advancement of technology. Today many house chores that needed a lot of energy and also time have been made easier all thanks to technology. The kitchen is one place which has not been left behind in technological appliances used to simplify kitchen chores. From wall ovens, dish washers, cooking gases, food processors and most especially food mixers. Food mixers are of two types hand mixers and also stand mixers. Best stand mixers 2017 can in handy in baking, mixing butter and also kneading dough until it is soft enough.

best stand mixers 2017

Best Stand Mixers Table Comparison In 2017

Name Power Capacity Speed Our Rate  
KitchenAid KSM150PSER 325 Watts 2 qt 10 4.9
Sunbeam FPSBSM2104 350 Watts 4.6 qt 12 4.6
Hamilton Beach 63325 300 Watts 3.5 qt 6 4.6
BODUM 11381-294US 700 Watts 5 qt 7 4.8
BODUM 11381-01US 700 Watts 5 qt 7 4.7

Features to look for when selecting best stand mixers 2017

So as to get the best stand mixers to meet your required needs and also give you value for your money, you need to look at the following important features.

1. Bowl size

Best stand mixers 2017 come with different bowl sizes. The larger the bowls size the more food or floor can be mixed. A stand mixer used for commercial purposes needs a 4.6 to 4.8 litres in capacity of bowl.


2. Splash guard

This is an important feature in preventing the ingredients being mixed from splattering and messing the working area or even the appliance.


3. Flexible beater

A flexible beater helps to flex around the sides of the bowl thereby ensuring that you have fully mixed flour and none sticking on the sides.


4. Slow start feature

This specification in a stand mixer helps to limit mss in the kitchen by beginning the mixing procedure at a slower pace so that you can have the remaining ingredients without too much splashing.

5. Motor power

Best Stand Mixers 2017 come with different motor powers. The higher the motor power the faster and efficient a stand mixer is. Even though a 300 watt motor power on a stand mixer is still efficient for basic baking tasks.


6. Balloon whisk

This feature is very essential in stand mixers as it helps in beating eggs, whipping cream. It also assists in allowing air into the mixture.


7. Dough hook

This is a vital feature for kneading dough especially when making pizza or even bread.


8. Dish washer safe

A stand mixer that has dish washer safe parts saves one the hassle of manually washing the stand mixer’s accessories.


Benefits of having the best stand mixers 2017

Having Best Stand Mixers 2017 in your kitchen has a number of benefits which include:

  1. A good stand mixer gives you the opportunity of baking without having to make your hands dirty.
  2. Stand mixers are very versatile as they come with many attachments therefore being able to carry out different tasks other than food mixing.
  3. Best Stand Mixers 2017 saves on time such time can be used to carry out other activities or even relax with a cup of coffee.
  4. A stand mixer helps in kneading very heavy dough which will need more effort and muscles if one is to knead the dough manually.
  5. A stand mixer works efficiently when it comes to beating a large batch of eggs within a short period of time.
  6. 6. Stand mixers have the ability to mix ingredients well thus making perfect cakes.



Best stand mixers 2017 are suitable especially for commercial cake baking as they make work easier and are also fast. Stand mixers are also suitable in beating eggs and mixing other ingredients. The following are some of the models and brands of stand mixers that are found on Amazon: Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Stand Mixer, KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer. There are many more brands of Stand mixers and most of them are from KitchenAid. Hurry and get one and you won’t regret.

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