Steam Iron is one of the best types of irons suitable for removing creases and wrinkles from a fabric. Some people do not know what kind of iron to use for a particular iron box. Best Steam Irons 2017 are the most preferred since it accommodates almost all types of fabric. This is simply an electric iron that has a chamber in which water is heated `to steam and then redirected onto the fabric being iron. This home appliance also consists of a metal base that is heated and used to smooth a garment. The functionality of this tool involves emission of steam from the channels in the face of the iron that enhance pressing and ironing of clothes. A good hot steamy iron with soleplate is able to work perfectly on rumpled garments. There are different types of irons. Selection of some of the best steam irons for 2017 necessitate for keen consideration of the following features.

best steam irons 2017

Best Steam Irons Table Comparison In 2017

Name Wattage Tank Capacity Soleplate  
Rowenta DG8520 1800 47 Oz Stainless Steel
Oliso TG1600 1800 12.7 Oz Stainless Steel
Rowenta DW9280 1800 10.8 Oz Stainless Steel
Rowenta DW9081 Steamium 1800 10.5 Oz Stainless Steel
Panasonic NI-W950A 1700 100 Oz Alumite
Rowenta DW8080 1700 12.7 Oz Stainless Steel

Features of Best Steam Irons 2017

Water Fill-Hole Cover

This feature with a sliding or hinged cover over the water fill-hole is aimed to prevent leaking from water from the steam chamber of the iron.

Vertical Steaming

This type steaming is achieved when you use the iron in an upright position removing wrinkles from hanging garments and ensuring drapes are freshened.

Transparent Water Reservoir

Transparent water reservoirs basically assist in seeing the water level for monitoring purposes. Some reservoirs are small with a vertical tube while others have a large chamber under the handle.

Adjustable Steam or Steam Gauge

This is paramount in adjusting the amount of steam or shutting off steam as required. An anti-drip feature that is found in a majority of best steam irons 2017 prevents water/steam leakages when steaming at lower settings.

Self-Cleaning System

This system is designed to flush mineral deposits from vents. However, this does not happen always especially with prolonged use of the iron or while using hard water. You should therefore use the burst-of-steam feature to clean vents.

Retractable Cord

This refers to an iron being able to use a cable that can be kept out of the way while in use or in storage. However, avoid placing the cord in a position that can make it to whip.

Removable Water Reservoir

This reservoir is the easiest to fill since you do not end up dripping water across the iron while replenishing.

Convenient Controls

This refers to how flexible and easy to see of the fabric settings. The best temperature control is one that is clearly marked and easy to access especially using the front of the handle. Best steam irons 2017 have an indicator light to show if the power id on.

Surge Button or Burst-of-Steam

This is modified to produce extra blast of steam to subdue stubborn wrinkles especially on fabrics like denim.

Auto Shut-off

This feature automatically turns off the power if the iron is unnecessarily left motionless either laid or propped. Some iron may auto shut-off when left alone which prevents fire but stored heat may scorch the garment is left to face down.


Benefits of Best Steam Irons 2017

  1. Top Tank Capacity: Since most iron tanks have a capacity of 1000ml as compared to 250-450ml with normal standard irons, this enhances minimal tendencies of refilling the tanks.
  2. Generates a Lot of Steam for Your Money: This ensures that you get more steam for longer unexpected period. These high temperatures produced call for deeper steam penetrating into the fabric for good results.
  3. Effortless Vertical Steaming: This feature helps a steam iron to cruise through heavy tasking fabrics like curtains with less hassle.
  4. Safe Household Equipment: Features like auto shutoff make the iron the safest especially when it is left unattended. This reduces the risk of accidents occurrence.
  5. Comfort and flexibility: best steam irons 2017 are simple to use since it has less features which are already automated. Any person can use the iron without necessarily going through a manufacturer’s manual.
  6. Result Oriented: This iron gets the wrinkles put faster and easier than a dry iron. With stipulated garment temperature, you only need to set the iron to such temperatures.
  7. Affordability and Durability: The iron is also much cheap for a majority but with the good selection from best brands, you stand to get maximum service.


Today, no one wants to lose his/her precious time ironing than necessary. Steam iron can help you cruise through the job quickly with minimal effort than a regular iron. Best steam irons 2017 are compatible with a variety of users and the material fabric worked on. The best types of steam iron found on Amazon are: Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt, Sunbeam Steam Master Iron with Anti-Drip and Black+Decker D2030.


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