Best Table Saws 2017 are very important machines to have especially if you are a wood worker. This unique device will enable you to make straight cuts, joint cuts and also groove cuts thus making your work easier. First of all, what is a table saw? Also known as a saw bench, a table saw refers to a tool used for woods consisting of a round saw blade that is mounted on an arbor and is driven by an electric motor. This tool is something that cannot be overlooked based on the role it plays in any workshop.

best table saws 2017

Features to look for in Best Table Saws 2017

There are a number of brands and models of table saws that can be found in the market. This makes it quite difficult to get the best table saw that will perfectly suit one’s need and also give value for money. The following unique features will enable you determine the best table saw.

1. Rip Fence

This refers to the part the wood is slid against when fed into the saw. The fence should be straight without flex and should reliably lock down whenever positioned. It should also be easy to adjust.


2. Miter gauge

A miter gauge is a removable guide that is utilized for fast and accurate miter cuts and also cross cuts. It has a t-shape. If not included on the table saw, one needs to buy the gauge separately. A good miter gauge has positive stops at 45 and 90 degrees.


3. Magnetic switch

A magnetic switch helps to prevent the table saw from restarting in case power is restored after a black out. This is a very vital safety hazard when it comes to table saws.


4. Motor horsepower

A table saw that has a higher motor horsepower will work faster and very effectively as compared to that which has lower horsepower.


5. Table top

So as to get most accurate cut, the table top or area around the blade of the table saw should be completely flat.


6. Dust port

This ports help in collecting saw dust from the wood being cut thereby leaving the working area clean. It also saves a person the hassle of having to manually collect the sawdust while still working.


7. High quality controls

A smooth and durable adjusted design of table saw with easy to access and comfort to grip is the best.


8. Riving knife

Also known as splitter, a riving knife is a vital anti-kick back feature which separates the cut wood so as to prevent binding. A riving knife should have adjustable kerf to accommodate various materials and blades.


Benefits of having the best table saws 2017

A table saw has a number of benefits especially to a wood worker which cannot be overlooked. These benefits include:

  1. Best table saws 2017 enable one to cut items in a precise manner. Be it wood, PVC pipe or even metal. This is opposed to when you are doing it manually as it will require a lot of man power and you won’t get precise shapes.
  2. Table saws are very versatile such that they can be useful during flooring, for internal décor when making furniture among other things
  3. A table saw can do any kind of cut, be it dados, rabbets or even tendons, this is not the case with other types of saws such as miter saws.



Best table saws 2017 are suitable for people who own workshops and in most cases deal on wood as they are able to cut them efficiently. Table saws are also suitable when making unique cuts such as tendons dads or even rabbets. They can be very useful for flooring or internal decoration. Some of the beat table saws 2017 found on Amazon include: Dewalt 10 inch Compact Table Saw, Kreg Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge. There are many models and brands on Amazon at different prices depending on your budget.

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