If you are a person who has a big family or constantly hold dinner parties or even holiday celebrations, then you are very familiar with the constant frustration of having a small oven. In most cases, your oven always doesn’t have enough space for everything you intend to prepare for your guests. The hassle of having to wait for one food item to finish before you reset the oven for another food item is very irritating. This makes the process long, time wasting and also tiring. It is at this point that you will find it necessary to have an extra oven to help you out. Since a double wall oven is not very affordable, a toaster oven will be the second best option for you.

best toaster oven 2017

Best Toaster Oven Table Comparison In 2017

Product Name Interior Size Material Type LRM Rating  
HP Pavilion 22xw 0.8 Cu. Ft Stainless Steel 5 / 5
Cuisinart CSO-300N 0.60 Cu. Ft Stainless Steel 4.9 / 5
Breville BOV800XL 0.8 Cu. Ft Stainless Steel 5 / 5
Cuisinart TOB-260N1 0.95 Cu. Ft Stainless Steel 4.9 / 5
Breville BOV650X 3/5 Cu. Ft Silver 4.8 / 5
Breville BOV450XL 0.45 Cu. Ft Stainless Steel 4.8 / 5
Cuisinart TOB-135 0.6 Cu. Ft Stainless Steel 4.8 / 5

Features of the best toaster oven 2017

The best toaster oven has a number of features which ensures that it works effectively and enable you achieve your needs. These features include:

1. Size

A large toaster oven though takes a lot of counter space; it is able to allow you fit a large batch of food. A small oven is convenient if you have a smaller family.

2. Convection

Toaster ovens that have this feature come with an in-built fan which distributes hot air in the toaster around the food being cooked. This ensures that you get an even cooked food.

3. Safety

Toaster ovens that have racks extending outside as the door opens, are very safe as they prevent possible burning of your hands as you remove the food from the oven rack after cooking.

4. Sounds

Toaster ovens have different bells and buzzers which produce different sounds. Some are louder and may be quite irritating. However, the good news is that there are toaster ovens which come with digital controls which don’t make a lot of noise when in use.

5. Insulation

For energy efficiency, most toaster ovens are well insulated so as to prevent heat loss through the door, walls or even cracks on the oven.

6. Audible alerts

Toaster ovens with very audible alert are the best as they will let you know when the food is ready.

7. Automatic shut-off

In order to prevent unnecessary accidental fires, most toast ovens come with an automatic shut off which will enable the machine turn off after 0-60 minutes.

8. Crumb tray

A crumb tray should be able to slide out from the front as opposed from the back. Also a toaster oven whose crumb tray detaches easily is easier to clean.


Benefits of the best toaster oven 2017

There are a number of benefits that accrue when you have a good toaster oven. They include:

  1. Toaster ovens save on time as it cooks faster than the conventional ovens. A model that comes with convection is even able to cook 30% faster than those that don’t have.
  2. Toaster ovens use far much less energy as compared to conventional ovens. This reduces your electricity bills significantly.
  3. Toaster ovens reduce the risk of food related diseases as it is able to cook food evenly as compared to other types of ovens.
  4. Toaster ovens are highly efficient since they are able to keep food warmer for a longer time even when the toaster oven has been switched off.
  5. Toaster ovens are very versatile as they can carry out different types of cooking such as warming, broiling, warming or even baking and many more other options.
  6. If you want pizza to brown and cook evenly, then a toaster oven is the best option for you.



Toaster ovens are suitable for even cooking of food thereby reducing risks of getting diseases associated with undercooked food. They are also suitable for supplementing the conventional ovens in case you cannot afford a double wall oven. Some of the best toaster oven models in Amazon include: Oster Large Capacity Countertop Toaster Oven, Breville Smart Toaster Oven. More of the models can be found on Amazon and other outlets. Hurry while stock last.

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