Cleanliness and overall hygiene are one of the very basic and essential aspects in any household. If your house is clean, you are in a better position to prevent diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, asthma and many other diseases that are brought about by dirt or dust. A clean household also attracts visitors and also gives you and your family a feeling of comfort. Most modern households have invested in high-end carpets which are very attractive warm and soft. Being part of the household items, these carpets need to be frequently cleaned so as to remove dust and also dampness smell. Such carpets need a special appliance known as best vacuum cleaners 2017 for effective cleaning. This is a device  which utilizes an air pump to create partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt from carpets or even bare floors.

best vacuum cleaners 2017

Features to look for in the best vacuum cleaners 2017

The following features are very vital so as to ensure efficiency of any vacuum cleaner:

1. Adjustable height

This feature enables the best vacuum cleaners 2017 to be at the right level depending on the type of carpet or floor being vacuumed. Adjustable height on your device can either be manual or automatic. Manual height adjustment cleaners come with a knob for adjusting.

2. Brush agitator

This feature is located underneath the device. By spinning, it enables the best vacuum cleaners 2017 to get rid of dust, grit and dirt from the floor or carpet. This makes it easy for all the light particles to be brought up for lifting by the air flow.

3. Headlight

This is mostly a headlamp which helps to light areas under the furniture or any hidden places so as to increase visibility during the cleaning process.

4. Full-container indicator

This feature enables one to know when the vacuum bag or canister is full of dirt. This is because if the dirt in the vacuum bag reaches an overflowing capacity, it affects the effectiveness of the machine.

5. Switch

This is an on and off switch that is conveniently located on the handle or anywhere where it be easily accessed for easy activation and also turning off.

6. Crevice tool

This feature is mostly tapered to a skinny end which enables the vacuum cleaner to vacuum cleaner smaller areas such as inside upholstered furniture and also corners.

7. Dusting brush

These brushes often have angled bristles which are specifically designed to sweep and force dust into the hose. This is a great feature for vacuuming hard surfaces and delicate areas.

8. Suction control

This feature enable one regulate the amount of suction the vacuum cleaner produces for cleaning different kinds of carpets, floors or even upholstery.

Benefits of the Best Vacuum Cleaners 2017

Best Vacuum Cleaners 2017 in homes or offices have a number of benefits which include:

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean is very hygienic and also saves on time and energy used to clean.
  2. Installation and use of a vacuum cleaner is very easy. Once plugged in the socket, you are good to go.
  3. Best Vacuum cleaners 2017 are equipped with different kind of filters that blocks and removes air borne disease causing bacteria, germs and viruses that may be in the home.
  4. Vacuum cleaners help in getting rid of pet hair which usually sticks on carpets and also bad odor.
  5. Robotic vacuum cleaners can clean your house or office even when you are not around.
  6. A vacuum cleaner thorough cleans the house very fast as compared to manual brooms.


The best vacuum cleaners 2017 are suitable for cleaning carpets and removing pets’ hair from them within a short period of time. They are also suitable in cleaning the upholstery as well as bare floors at a faster rate as compared to manual brooms. Some of the vacuum cleaners on Amazon include: Dyson V6Animal Cordless Vacuum cleaner, iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum cleaner. Amazon has more models at different prices depending on one’s budget.  


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