Author : Ben Fountain ISBN : 0060885599 Publisher : Ecco

As America waged war on Iraq, the whole world watched in contempt and there is nothing one did in order to prevent the consequences. And when life becomes an ordeal to be faced in the war-zone, it is not a happy situation to be in for a soldier. And Fox News managed to capture a video of the fight between the American and Iraqi soldiers. And the American squad known as the Bravo Squad became an instant hit with the American television audience. And after they came back the Bush Administration sent the surviving members of the squad across the country for a nation wide tour to make a success out of the decision to go to war. Then they are set to flank the Dallas Cowboys as their guests in their football game along with the well known pop-group Destiny's Child. Among the Bravo squad which had been transformed into a National icon of war is a nineteen-year old guy named William Lynn who is still to come to terms with the aftermath of the war

As William Lynn hops beside the glitter of the company of notable Hollywood producers and many millionaires he is attracted by the cheerleader squad among many other happenings occurring simultaneously. And as he is surrounded by all the new faces he faces a question of integrity that runs deep within the happiness that he is been made a part of. And he faces the terrifying experiences of how he has his sisters worried and a father who is to nurse his broken heart. And more importantly the friend who with his philosophical admonitions probed into the psyche of William in ways that opened new gateways of understanding for him and breathed his last in Iraq in Billy's hands. Billy Lynn's Long halftime Walk: A Novel is a book that creates a symphonic outburst of emotions through your interface.

As a man of 21st century I suppose that war is a primitive idea and is very Neanderthal but, still I find myself in an age where insecurities have seem to be increased and a nation's primary concern has become its safety, I really believe all this will change. And to the book, I feel it's a blatant exposition of the various fallacies of our civilization of how we sincerely stray from the common line of understanding, that has paranoia have a higher order than compassion. And when the soldier faces the question of his life he is petrified with the world that he is hanging onto slowly melting in his very own hands. And this teaches him the truth of having a clear mind, and the lies that emanate from the radiation of our contact with illusions. And Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk: A Novel is a book that will let you in on the topography of peculiar human emotions that are best termed weird and incapacitating.

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