Author : Tina Fey ISBN : 0316056863 Publisher : Reagan Arthur Books

Tina Fey is a face that has made its way into a million minds through her acts on Saturday Night Live and then 30 Rock. She is wicked in a way that is acceptable, and she tells her story about how she manages to do what she liked as she was growing up and how she continues to do so. The different shades of her personality that makes her have that universal appeal turn out to be more intriguing than they look at their appearance. Her growth as an individual took her to the depths of stupidity that we see her use in her skits. Tina Fey unveils her psychological maps that she refers to often and, through the functioning of which has helped her achieve a prolific career in the entertainment industry.

The unsuspecting and unperturbed weirdness of Tina Fey lends her a warm and affable persona that calls for the desire for existence of this book in the first place. The survival instincts that she developed in her early days have taken shape of a fulfilling character behind the success of Tina Fey. She is living her dreams and she wants to share her journey, from a nerd to a celebrated television personality. She talks about her half dead interest to keep herself physically presentable. An intelligent and tongue-in-cheek book, Bossypants undoes the mystery behind the Tina Fey mania, if we can call it so!

The life of Tina Fey has been calling for a book for quite some time, and here comes Bossypants, a selective revelation of sorts. It deals with the life of its subject and yet manages to be in a design of a commercial viable product for entertainment. The book scavenges for edginess voraciously, and the editing can be seen to overwork itself in places. The content is a mix of interesting facts and truths about Tina Fey, and her attitude towards a healthy lack of self-worth. The chapters are designed to lay the various philosophies of her, out to the world, filled with the type of humor Fey is known to propagate through her shows.

The common link between the readers and the author are the experiences that makes them feel connected. The different aspects of Tina Fey's life, the people she has to deal with, the decisions that she has to take, and how she manages to compromise chaos for comfort in an industry that borders on the edge of psychological stress. The various groups or sets of understanding of the author that lead her through her life are publicized for people to take cues from the individuation of Tina Fey, or to be read it as a book meant merely for the sake of entertainment; either ways the book can aid you to do something of your time.

The book takes a look at the trail of Tina Fey's rise as a television star. The modesty and humility are wrapped in gullible form of self-deprecation. The Sarah Palin role, and the role that she plays at the studios of 30 Rock have all been discussed, and the thoughts of author on various things that go around in the world are also featured in the book that tells more about her.

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