Author : David McCullough ISBN : 0671792768 Publisher : Simon & Schuster

David McCullough has written on the works of exceptionally creative beings of the past and present, the individuals who have contributed heavily to the cause of uplifting human understanding. The carriers of the baton of the consciousness that encompasses human experiences, and foretell the present as it unfolds. The book, Brave Companions: Portraits in History is a book that features the likes of Alexander Von Humboldt; Fredric Hemington; Louis Agassiz; Harry Caudill, the great lawyer who had brought the daylight on the decay of the state of Appalachia. The book consists of names who have consistently contributed to the cause of raising the bar of contemplating and capturing the different aspects of human experiences. David Plowden, who is a photographer from the world of today has also been featured in the book for his sheer dedication to the cause of his art.

The author tries to clarify the differences in the backgrounds of the various individuals but the uniqueness in their drive to bring forward what they had seen and experienced. The various personalities that have been featured in the book portray the infinite nature of the human potential to feel and express. The author presents seventeen essays on different beings who have left an imprint of greatness of human ability through art and expeditions, and so on. The author says that these great men and women are companions working together in different arenas of the experiential, but with a similar cause and a drive. The author sketches the visualizations for the readers through narration of their lives and their progressive tendencies to keep pushing the boundaries of their understanding and hence the collective scope.

The essays bridge the gap between science and art, and shows us how the two are inseparably united in their causality and effect. The omniscience in the narrations are seen through the vividly accommodating writing of an author who has reached the height of magnificent sustenance of abilities. The author presents the bigger picture through individual portrayals and make them come together with his understanding of the companionship that the various personalities share with each other. The ultimate reality is a medicine to the parched throats of many wounded minds who move about their life unconsciously and prevent any growth, this book with its wide scope can make the readers understand the dynamics of human existence better, and in a way help them evolve mentally and spiritually.

The author links the finite and infinite pretty openly, and clearly as he sticks his hands out for people to reach out to and feel what he is feeling through showers of divine assembly of words and paragraphs. The semi-attached delusions clinging on to the human inferences are also targeted and defeated with the light that makes all the gaps disappear as it presents the stories on individual lives through the vision bounded by the whole. Brave Companions: Portraits in History tries to propagate the commonality in great works that have been made throughout time, in arts or engineering or any other diverse field; the intention of assuming the supreme form of our very own nature.

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