Author : Suzanne Collins ISBN : 0439023491 Publisher : Scholastic Press

Katnis Everdeen has managed to save her sister, and has won 'The Hunger Games', along with Peeta Mellark who was from the District Twelve. The different ideals of the morally disintegrated nation of Panem, with the Capitol at the helm of things, and the corruption that they systematically propagate, life is getting difficult to accept for many. The win of Katnis defied the brutal laws of the reality show, and the girl managed to survive the upholding of humanity. The kids managed to pull off a victory but, they have ignited the fire of a revolt against the onslaught of the Capitol. The second part of The Hunger Games is set to pull you towards the rise of Katnis as a person, who is the unannounced leader of the uprising.

The Capitol senses the rebellion and is shaken with the fear of it developing. The Capitol is shaken and it has to destroy all the conspirators of an upheaval. Katnis on the other hand has secured the life of her family with the win but, she has a bigger task at hand, the task of bringing justice and sanity back to the lives of her brothers and sisters in the various districts that are tormented by the brutal ways of the Capitol. How and where the two motivations from different creeds collide, holds the life of the story. Katnis develops her will, but it is always tested, for her to expand it to handle the responsibility that the circumstances bestow. Catching Fire is a book that takes you deeper inside the lives of the people of Panem, and their struggle to survive.

The demon of demographics of Panem had been experienced by the readers in the first novel, The Hunger Games. The malicious intent of the Capitol has been inflicting unsustainable wounds on people from the districts. The victory of Katnis was achieved through means that bent the rules to use it against it. The inter-coupling of various incidences develop a strong plot that grips the readers' attention for long. The authority is as acerbic in its exercise of power as they can get, and the portrayal of which makes us feel the budding sprouts of hatred that grow in darker regions of our mind, which can take form of such extremes if left untreated.

The transition from the first book to the second is seamless, the story goes ahead pretty smoothly. The growth of the protagonist as a character is delicately modeled, and comes across as intriguingly genuine. The rise of Katnis from the shadows of self-doubt and procrastination is magnificently picturized. Catching Fire is sure to invigorate the audiences with the slow and steady build up of the climax, and with another book set for release, it is sure to be an enthralling read. The designing of the course of action of the both sides holds a suspense that unfolds as the reader goes through the experience of the pain and sorrow of the people of Panem.

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