Author : Toby Lester ISBN : 1439189234 Publisher : Free Press

The man who was at the forefront of innovations in art, science and technology is regarded as one of the masters to humanity. The self-less service of Leonardo to the cause of humanity has been immortalized through his works. The book Da Vinci's Ghost tries to understand the truth behind one of the most famous works of Leonardo – The Vitruvian Man. The mysteries behind the design of one of the most important works of art in the history has been a subject of contemplation and inquiry for various artists and scientists throughout time. The brilliant convergence of science and art along the mystical roots of the mind is what the image holds. Toby Lester, dedicatedly, with his time and effort tried to uncover the hidden secrets behind the symbolism of The Vitruvian Man, and brings it forward for the whole world to see.

The piece of art was sketched during a large period of time, the time for which Leonardo dedicatedly studied the designs of his peer, Vitruvius, and presented his mold for understanding to the world. The book deals with the various various scientific and spiritual contexts to highlight the different specifics of subtle meanings of the image. The image that remains still in the vault in Venice, holds the deep truths on human ability. The various mystics and visionary artists have used this piece of art to propel their understanding to a higher level, to make their infinite potential recognizable. The different intuitive understandings of the author are put forth for scrutiny, and the interpretations can culminate to an ever-transcendental perception of reality.

The greatness in extent of the human abilities remains unknown to the majority of the possessors of this great power of human life. The urge of Leonardo to bring the true nature of the human design in front of everyone led to the masterpieces that he made throughout his life. This book shines light on the the intriguing subject, of one of the timeless pieces of art ever made.

For those who have been involved in discovering The Vitruvian Man, by yourself or through various other means, this book presents you a comprehensive study that tries to relate the works of various past commentators and separates the myths from information. The beauty in Leonardo's depiction of man's wheel of creation through the man's outstretched arms and correspondingly encompassing of the square, the lateral is divinley transcendental; the image has been probed into with the eye on the transcendental sublimity of the work. The symmetrical proportioning of the human body portrays the synchronous waves emanating from the source of the web of creation, and its alignment with the various Universal principles only makes the infinity in human nature visible to our finite vision.

Da Vinci's Ghost, if you let it, will take you beyond the hullabaloo about the various mysterious and occult apprehensions in understanding. The book will guide you through your different notions to help you understand the subtle aspects of the innate divinity in our being.

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