Author : Laini Taylor ISBN : 0316134023 Publisher : Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Karou is an adolescent with an unnerving urge to discover her true identity, she is a 17 a year old girl who is aware of her difference from others but totally oblivious to the causal aspects of it. She is an art student, and has a natural tendency to draw paranormal beings that may look like monsters to the average. She is intrigued by the fact that she grows blue and bright hair on her head naturally, along with the other twisted facts about herself and her family. She wants to know everything about her roots and she is eager to do so. There are black hand-impressions appearing all around the world, on doorways, and Karou thinks she has a clue. There are flying neighbors from other dimensions who have made their way into the world through a hole in the sky.

Karous's father has been collecting human teeths from around the world and he has been doing so to fulfill a purpose that is known only to him. The setting for Daughter of Smoke and Bone is Prague, Czech, and Karou is involved in something related with the other-world and then the time has come for Karou to realize the part that she has to play in the unfolding present. The mystery unfolds before Karou's eyes as they meets the eyes of an alien stranger, she experiences the unthinkable and her life is forever changed. The force with which reality is untwisting infront, as she beholds the eye to see it, throws her in the middle of a battle that has been fought since ages, and how she is linked with it. The light that gives her all the answers takes everything she thought that was once hers and she is left with a motive, an unfinished business that she will have to give everything to.

The author doesn't go overboard with the concept of interplaying fiction with reality, instead, the book gives you a spectacular view of the brilliant conception of the plot that make extra-dimensional beings look normal. The book holds the readers over the edge of exhilarating storyline and make them feel the anxiety of Karou. The descriptions of the various characters are appropriately elaborated, and it creates an amazing blend of information and visuals that go hand in hand synchronously to involve the readers into an intensely gripping and an unfolding suspense. The trials of Karou are described by lucid and beautiful paragraphs that make you feel the anguish that she is feeling herself. The shadows of ragged tales of angels and the demons hover over the book all the time but it somehow protects itself from falling into the trap of cliches.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a book that makes the rhyme of the dreaded and doomed sing in the background of silence that encompasses the charade of the disturbances and chaos. The book causes the readers to sink their teeth into the astounding escaping into the world of Karou.

Nhut Pham

Nhut Pham

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