Author : Lauren Oliver ISBN : 0061726834 Publisher : HarperCollins;

Delirium is a book that talks about a society which has found the cure for an unlikely disease of what we know as love, and a surgery can detach it from you forever. The life of Lena Haloway is to change drastically as her faith in her government is to be shaken, which thinks its the next step of evolution to remove the feeling of love from the minds of the people. The girl who is about to turn 18 is pretty optimistic regarding the whole procedure of erasing love from one's being through a surgery. The frail lies fed by the government couldn't keep Lena self-satisfied for long as she falls in love with Alex, who has managed to captivate her heart with the warmth of his persona. The setting then turns from a rational and motivated governance to a one that brings slow death inducing ideas, purely demonic in its intent, in Lena's head.

It then turns into a rebel as Lena doesn't want to sacrifice her will to love for the promise of the herds. There is no way that Lena would ever agree for the surgery as she wants to spend her life with Alex. The extent to which the two will go in order to sustain their ability to love in a society that has been blinded by the most evil of reforms of the government. Lauren Oliver brings the first book in to the fore with an anxiously waiting audience that craves for the rest of the books from the series.

The allegory of pure numbness that the society portrayed in the book discusses about is a theoretical narration of the heights a misdirected society can reach to, run by those who trade human emotions for dollars. The determination of the government to completely dehumanize humanity into a bot culture is astounding, as Lena has her tables turned that make her feel what was right was actually a sham and feels that the government is culpable to offense of separating a soul from its identity and aiming to rationalize it through a blatant sacrilegious scientific claim. The oblique ways of the government was seen by Lena as soon as she fell in love with Alex. The world suddenly seems to her as a trap of make believe ideals, and she begins to scrutinize the ways of external realities that contradict with the internal affairs of her being.

This is the first book from the series and the book does leave a lot to be explained, and the sketching of the characters is strangely beautiful and uncompromising. The various astonishing facts of the world of the book seems to be disconnected with its metaphorical capability and also the dystopia is harnessed to the ever present human iconoclasm. Lauren Oliver brings home the love VS anti-love regime with a setting present in a time where love has become a hindrance to growth of human beings. Delirium is a book that will suspend you in a space where the struggle is as disturbing as the crime of the government.

Nhut Pham

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