Author : Grace Bonney ISBN : 1579654312 Publisher : Artisan

Grace Bonney, the profound interior designer who owns the website, puts down her home décor tips available in the form of literature, in the form of one book which she calls Design*Sponge at Home. With approximately 400 pages, covering 700 color photographs and illustrations, this book is a collection of creative, customizable ideas for interior decoration. The website has 75,000 daily unique visitors contributing to a whooping number of 250,000 page views per day.

The book delivers exactly what the website readers were anticipating, it's a definite guide towards unique home decoration. The book comprises of three major sections: Sneak Peeks, a tour through 70 houses and apartments illustrating a variety of designs and uniques styles of decoration; about 50 DIY projects that guides you in personalizing your space, and other essential information on home furnishing and designing, meant for both beginners as well as those who know the basics; Before & After, a section comprising of 50 interior makeovers submitted by the very readers of the website, illustrating the changes they have made to their homes. Besides these, the book also features several tips for preparing unique floral decorations and slipcovers.

The book also acts as a step by step guide to do your own upholstery. The book features photographs of homes that are located within US as well as in far off countries like Australia, Singapore, and South Africa, thus radiating different styles, designs, and decorative accents. Projects illustrated include the crafting of tea towels, window films, display jars, pressed botanical specimens etc. Simple tips like using maps for gift wrappers or preparing cake stands using saucers, candles, and glue, are also included. The book also contains information about the cost and time required for carrying out the featured home makeovers, which remains the characteristic feature of this book.

Whoever that was who set the standard styles for decorating homes... The fact is, there are no standard styles, there are no restrictions, there are no parameters. Design*Sponge at Home is a collection of colorful, radiant imaginations, involving unique home decors. The book opens up the reader to an array of wild imaginations and creativity. It subjects the readers to a new dimension from where innovation can be clearly interpreted. The photos are crystal clear, and one can definitely spot the details of the artworks that form the interiors. The decorations are nowhere near luxury or superfluity, and simplicity is indeed the greatest blessing that we have in life.

Although some of the photographs are small, the pictures are quite clear enough to understand and grasp the essence. Text here is systematically organized, which often becomes a problem with books on interior decoration. You'll also find a highly useful list of resources, including a glossary by the back of the book. All the information and projects included in the book are totally practical, and easy to do it on our own. Design*Sponge at Home is the interior decoration guide that the nation had always been longing for.

Nhut Pham

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