Author : China Mieville ISBN : 0345524497 Publisher : Del Rey

Embassytown is a book that speaks through a new way of writing novels, a style that is unique to the author and the genre that this book assumes. The theme is a captivating setting where humans and the extra-terrestrial beings known as Ariekei co-exist. The drive to acquire has taken humans to the extent of colonizing a distant planet, which is home to a uniquely linguistically able civilization. The special language can be spoken by special ambassadors who have the linguistic ability genetically embedded into their human system. The code of conduct to not breach the peace of each other relied on the ambassadors who were sent to Arieka, and Avice Benner whose life was integrated into the lives of the beings from Ariekei had seen and felt the beauty and harmony of the aliens as they lived. The life of Avice is stretched from two ends as the ambassador that humans send disturbs them beyond repair.

China Mieville writes a book that dictates a new frontier of writing novels, and the coming together of the different boundaries that separate the known from the unknown, or rather holds them together with the help of contradictions.

China Mieville is a craftsman of writing, and his work takes us beyond the exemplary plot of a science-fiction to make us realize the human potential. The various gamut of human experiences makes the book with the help of a very personal dialogue between the author and the readers. The scene is very tense as the unidentified(aliens) retort with a constriction of unfriendliness as the ambassador to their place is changed. The plot comprises of a plethora of subtle feelings that a human heart perceives and spreads in its environment. Avice Benner, who can't speak the language of the unidentified but has contributed significantly to the harmony between the two worlds, and an inseparable part of the clan. As the collision divides the peace between humans and their brothers from another planet Avice is torn by her loyalties and she is taken for a ride way beyond her comfort zone.

The life of Avice signifies the unanswered questions that are forever held in the grip of the mind as they disintegrate into fragments of our understanding of our sanity. Avice tries to rethink her priorities at a stage where most of her life is already planned for the future. The struggle in the restlessness of the heart to find the ultimate balance and peace can drag people out of their beliefs and denials to a road that leads to an unending clarity that will drown your sorrow into compassion for self and hence others. The story is designed with a master plan to device a mission that can promote inferences of a sci-fi plot at a human level of understanding easily and incorrigibly. The tendency of the mind to relate itself to the changeable is its own cure towards finding the unchangeable characteristics of itself and that is what the author tries to tell through Embassytown.

Nhut Pham

Nhut Pham

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