A friend of mine recently was complaining of a bad smell in his new house that’s barely two years old. The source of the bad odor could not be traced since the situation had worsened to a point of him thinking there were dead rodents within the house. But he wondered why the stench was persistent for a long period of time. When he engaged us on the same, we decided to investigate where the foul smell was emanating from. We were surprised to find out that his bathroom was the problem. The locally devised exhaust pipe that protrudes out through the roofing had blocked. The stuffed air was now being retained in the bathroom that with time concentrated and spread all over the house. We therefore advised him to get a permanent solution to this by buying a good brand new efficient and effective bathroom exhaust fan. When he installed the fan, miraculously the bad smell disappeared within a day. He couldn’t believe after going through all that unknowingly.

bathroom exhaust fans with lights

There is nothing heavenly like refreshing yourself in the morning after waking up or even in the evening after having a long day at work. Taking a bath in the morning energizes you and psyches you up to start your day in the best way possible. In the evening, taking a shower enables one to relax and get rejuvenated. In order to accomplish all these, one needs a bathroom. A bathroom that has a pleasant fresh smell will automatically be a haven for anyone who needs to freshen up. Due to frequent use of the bathroom it leads to accumulation of moisture that increases the tendency for your bathroom walls to grow moulds, mildew or even fog on the bathroom mirror. There is also a possibility of the bathroom developing an unpleasant smell. It is because of this that one needs to install their bathroom with this fan so as to save the situation. Such has a capacity to get rid of the unpleasant air and also prevent the growing of moulds in the bathroom.

Bathroom exhausts fan refers to a mechanized device for ventilation that has a duct extended to the exterior of the residential unit. This is meant to siphon out impure, stale, stuffy and humid air hence refreshing the quality of the indoor bathroom air. This equipment ejects bad smell, humid air, excess moisture and any other airborne pollutants. The fan leaves the bathroom with natural serene air that is conducive for every occupant of the unit. The bathroom exhausts fan can be fixed on the ceiling to enhance removal of moisture and polluted air from the bathroom through channeling out the already suctioned bad air. This stale air is ducted through an overhanging soffit out of the house. For one to get a good fan, several factors have to be keenly considered.

Factors to consider while selecting a desired bathroom exhaust fan with light

1. Price range and budget 

Different types of exhaust fans vary with specific features. Different people also have varied capacity to possess different types of bathroom exhausts fans. Therefore, before making a choice for a particular exhaust fan, one needs to ensure that he knows the price tags of the device and their intended expenditure. This will reduce frustrations of picking on undesired exhaust fan. One is advised to do research on the suitable machine online or in the supermarket stores before deciding on which fan to buy and how much to spend.

2. Source of power and energy efficiency

A variety of bathroom exhausts fans classified depending on the source of power. One should consider what best befits him/her. Availability of power for example with electricity is connected or gas powered. These types will be applicable in different situations and their price ranges may vary in line with their benefits. The most commonly used fans are electric powered although gas powered ones can compliment well in case one is not connected to the grid. However, due to high energy consumption electric exhaust fans can be costly to the user and vice versa.

3. Bathroom space

This determines the hose power of the exhaust fan that will be needed to run it. If it is meant for industrial purposes, then definitely it will need a grand device that is able to serve a bathroom large for example in public bathrooms or in the hotel industry. Therefore, for optimum efficiency, one should select a specific fan based on the bathroom space allowance. Fan size depends on the cubic feet per meter (CFM) of the air that will be expelled out.

4. Environmental safety and noise pollution

Some motors emit poisonous fumes and radiations that may be quite harmful to human health. Therefore one should read well the manual instructions from the manufacturer to capture any cautionary information before doing a purchase order. One should select an exhaust fan with an enclosed motor that runs almost quietly to avoid unnecessary noise. Choose an exhaust fan with a universal noise rating ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 sones (noise). Exceeding this measurement will automatically lead to noise pollution and will be of great distress especially to infants within the residential unit.

5. Automation and timing

A good exhaust fan is one that is automated. This refers to a fan being able to switch on and off at ease and working with the set timings by the user. Such fans will also be able to detect the atmospheric conditions and either switch on or off automatically. This reduces power wastage by forgetful users and curbs wear and tear of the exhaust fan. Some fans can be automated with sensors which will trigger on-switch whenever someone enters the bathroom. Such technological advancements make it efficient and effective. Fan timers can also work well with houses occupied with children; it will reduce breakages caused by these young people.

6. Types of bathroom exhaust fan

Exhaust fans are grouped depending on the features they possess. Damp-rated exhaust fan are commonly preferred because they are waterproof and are best for overhead installation that even works better with water showers. This makes them unique and attractive in terms of usage. The outlook appearance of various fans can also lure buyers especially when the manufacturer is accredited by a universal body. Such fans may attract a little bit more money in pricing due to their uniqueness.

7. Durability and warranty

This offers assurance to users and buyers to be confident with the device they are buying. A good fan is one with a longer motor warranty and at least two year warranty for other components. In case the exhaust fan breaks down within the stipulated time and terms of the manufacturer, one should get it fixed or replaced with a new one. Such warranty assures a client of the lifespan of the exhaust fan. Also, the material used to manufacture the exhaust fan may make it more resistant or not. Zinc and aluminum galvanization makes the fans rust-free since the two chemical elements have low affinity for oxygen and cannot encourage any reactions with oxygenated water. Canvas clothing on the blades makes them all-weather and can be replaced at ease when the material wears off. This also reduces warping especially for wooden blades. 

8. Brand reputation

One should go for a brand that has been tested approved by an international quality assurance body like ISO certification or Energy rating bodies. This exposes the brand consistency and trends. Such a research can be done via browsing through client ratings, previous customer reviews and feedback. One will be able to make an informed decisive judgment that may guide him/her through the purchase process. It also avails product insights, prior expectations and new deals on the way to come. 

9. Ease of installation, repair and cleaning

A simple compact exhaust fan with an enclosed motor that can be mounted easily is preferred by a majority. A device with complicated loosely attached components can trigger breakages or disconnections even before usage. This will force one to solicit a technician for installation which will attract an extra charge. Also, cleaning and repairing simple exhaust fans is much easier than bulky partitioned devices. Simple compact exhaust fans are user friendly, popular and their spare parts can easily be available.


Benefits of bathroom exhausts fans with lights

  1. A bathroom exhausts fan prevents infection of respiratory diseases and other related ailments that may arise as a result of contaminated air inhaled by a person. Such infections can cause metabolic system malfunction or even death. Therefore the fan plays an important role in reducing such cases.
  2. Some bathroom exhausts fans are modified with a lighting system that provides light in the bathroom hence playing multi-purposes roles. A bulb is attached to the fan that is used to illuminate dark bathroom units.
  3. The fan improves air quality by refreshing the already used or stuffy air. One can choose to introduce air fragrance that will best suit his/her needs. Natural clean air is usually the best for a majority of people.
  4. It is a symbol of comfort and luxury. This is experienced in areas with conducive environment but one may just decide to purchase the exhaust fan for extra comfort and as a sign of self actualization. This gives an advantage to someone over others. 
  5. Acts as a form of Aesthetic value. A well decorated ceiling with an exemplary designed exhaust fan improves the inward appearance of the bathroom. With great light, the fan may illuminate the bathroom giving it a unique look.
  6. The centrifugal force of the rotating blades strongly chases away flies and other insects in the bathroom that may have been attracted by a foul smell.
  7. The bathroom exhausts fan is environmental friendly since there is no chemical involved in its functioning. It emits no fumes and since the motor is enclosed, less noise is produced. The fan rarely uses fossil fuels hence carbon emissions are quite low.
  8. In the hotel industry, it acts as a marketing strategy since majority of clients will prefer toilets or bathrooms with exhaust fans. This may flock in a considerable number of guests hence raising revenue collection.
  9. Through aerating the micro-atmospheric conditions of the bathroom, temperatures are regulated through breaking multi-temperate air strata to enhance conduciveness of the environment.
  10. A bathroom exhausts fan is efficient and most effective. A lot of money spent on fragrance perfumes meant to improve air quality is saved and also the best natural touch of air quality is reinstated.

Limitations of the fan

  • Completely illiterate persons may not comprehend the functionality and usage of the fan hence may require some machine operator training. This may mostly be a problem in Sub-Saharan Africa where majority of illiteracy cases occur.
  • The fan may be a little bit expensive for some people. Since its operation may consume some power, it may seem to be expensive in terms of electricity bills.


Best bathroom exhaust fan with light that are highlighted:

1. BV Super Quiet exhaust fan

bv super quiet

This is a HVI, ETL and CSA approved fan that is best suitable for a maximum of 90 square feet. The fan is designed with a silent clever technology with quietness performance of less than 0.7 sones (noise). The product dimensions stands at 15.2x12.8x10.9 inches with an approximate weight of 9.9 pounds. It has a simplified installation application with an exclusive 4 inch or 6 inch detachable two-duct adapter. Other sizes include 110CFM, 140CFM, and 160CFM that vary with the bathroom space.


2. Panasonic FV-30VQ3 exhaust fan

Panasonic FV-30VQ3

This is a very powerful fan with an enclosed and condensed electric motor that has dual-tapered dolphin shape blades of the wheel of the blower. The fan is quiet enough with an air capacity of 290CFM of 257 at 0.25” pressure. The type of the blower wheel is called Sirocco. It has a duct diameter of about 6 inches and its housing is galvanized by a heavy zinc gauge. This fan is white in color it is one of the Energy Star Rated products. It uses 64 watts and a voltage of 120. It is powered in both AC and DC.


3. Delta breez SLM70 exhaust fan

Delta breez SLM70

The fan is galvanized to reduce chances of it undergoing corrosion or rusting. It produces less noise approximated at 2.0 sones. It has a standard duct of 3 inches and it is designed with keen precision. It has a reliable brushless motor with a long lasting lifespan. It is Energy Star rated with high efficiency and it is cost effective. The grille has an indicator light underneath it that prompts the user that the fan is on and active. The fan is UL listed with damp, wet and dry ceiling and side wall installation. It uses 31.1 watts and a voltage bulb of 120V with energy safer of 74%. It has a combination of various designed inventions to suit modernity that include power supply switch and it is easy to install. It has the capacity of 120CFM and it is energy star rated. It has a warranty of 3 years.


4. Panasonic FV-05-11VKS1 exhaust fan

Panasonic FV-05-11VKS1

This is a customized fan that’s all in one and adopts DC motor with less than 0.3 sconce noise. It captures a flow speed of between 50CFM and 110CFM and a 0, 30 and 110 CFM multi-speed with a timing delay. It has an allowance to choose up to two additional plug and play modules which consists of a condensation sensor, niteglo LED light for the night and a motor sensor. It possesses a flex-z-fast bracket that exhibits a fast, easy and flexible installation. It is ASHRAE, LEED and energy star rated for home appliance. Due to its brand, it can last five times longer and saves 75% f the energy used. It reduces leakage in the building envelop at the point of testing a blower door. If it is directed to face constant static pressure, its speed raises automatically ensuring an optimum output of CFM. It has a warranty a DC motor warranty of 6years, LED warranty of 5years and 3 years for other parts.

These examples and more others on Amazon.com give you a variety of trusted brands in the market. Therefore, it is at the discretion of an individual to make the right choice of a desirable bathroom exhaust fan.


Bathroom exhausts fans are most suitable for hotel industry and home editions well designed to accommodate indoor weather conditions. The fan revitalizes and rejuvenates the natural serene and conducive environmental conditions that bring comfort and relaxation in the bathroom.

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