Author : James Lee Burke ISBN : 145167533X Publisher : Pocket Books; Reprint edition

Edgar award winning James Lee Burke is out with yet another masterful fiction, a prominent sequel to his novel Rain Gods which was released in 2009, the third amongst the Hackberry Holland series. Being his 30th book so far, Feast Day of Fools: A Novel is one of his most efficient works, with a tortuous story that holds together murder, intimacy, loyalty, alliance, turbulence, and deciphering.

In the midst of the Texan desert, Krill, a defiant psychopath, tortures a man to death. Adding to the horrendous incident, a government agent held hostage, whom Krill was planning to sell to Al Qaeda, takes advantage of a momentary loose knot and evades the scene. But there's a witness to this murder - Danny Boy Loca, an alcoholic ex-boxer, who reports the incident to Hackberry Holland, a Sheriff who patrols a small town near the Southwest Texas-Mexico border.

Man of a deceased wife entangled in a supposedly romantic relationship with his deputy Pam Tibbs, a sane propagator of humanity, and a loyal servant of the nation, the sheriff starts his investigation, which leads him to the house of a Chinese woman named Anton Ling, who runs a shelter for illegals. During the initial investigation, she denies noticing anything or anyone peculiar; however, the sheriff is seen coming back to her house a number of times throughout the story, the possible reason being that he sees the attributes of his deceased wife in her.

Then, hostility multiplies; the serial murderer Preacher Jack Collins, who was presumed dead in the previous book to this sequel, comes back with a unidirectional vision for assassination. However, it's different this time; Sheriff Holland and Preacher Jack have a common enemy to confront.

Today, as many fiction sequels take form extended experiences, there is James Lee Burke who transforms the idea into something that is beyond unique. With a perfectly portrayed cast of characters, the narration is sure to take the readers beyond the common lines of imagination. Feast Day of Fools: A Novel is an ever-gripping story that bears the essence of the current state of haphazardly deviated humanity, where undead individuals within a deformed society are keen on overlapping each other, so as to emerge as the legendary god-man of a sacrilegious eon.

This book is a standing evidence of the fact that solace can indeed be found in turbulence, provided that one works hard to get to know the colder aspects of life and physical existence. Uniting against a common foe is what humanity lacks today. Now, who's the foe? It's certainly not a person; in fact, it's not something that is tangible either, but it is seen coming through tangible entities. One's encounter with the enemies of the external terrain has in fact lead many amongst the society far beyond the milestone that reads 'Sanity Ends Here'. James Lee Burke feeds off the rotting roots of humanity, and puts on display the stains and scars that have formed as a result of a collective infestation by...

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