Author : John Lewis Gaddis ISBN : 1594203121 Publisher : Penguin Press HC,

The Cold War has defined how the world is functioning, and has shaped the world in a way that could have been avoided. This book is on the extensive portrayal of the life of George F. Kennan, an American diplomat, whose documents were of prime significance as they defined the future strategies of the US towards the Soviet Union. The two documents namely "X Article" and the "Long Telegram" have made an impact that is for all of us to see. These articles don't sum his career up for him, instead, they are just few of the listed things of his endless drive to reach to the other side of the truth. He was also the key designer involved in the design of the architecture of the Marshall Plan, he was also an acclaimed historian. Kennan then went on to become a commentator on the policies and the actions of the state as they go hand in hand.

The book took thirty years of research as John Lewis, the Yale historian got inside every detail of the information that was crucial to the intelligence and had an impact on the decisions that concerned the world. The author, John Lewis Gaddis spent years collecting and arranging data to present a holistic perspective on the whole era for which the cold war had spanned. The mystery and the intricacy of the whole sinister concerns that governed the policies are all leaked out with as much intensity that the author and Kennan waited for the release till the day Kennan had died. The book covers details of information as corpuscle as it can be to get into the depths of all. The book traces the journey of Kennan through his years in college, and how he engaged himself in a constant analysis of self that stretched his abilities to stay sane amidst the pressure. He used to make notes of his dreams and his thought patterns all along his tenure to keep an account of the nature of mind.

George F. Kennan: An American Life is a book that lays out the life of a person who was at the center of all the mess of an insecure world at the time of the Cold War, and how the information he communicated across designed the course of history.

We live in a world that is proliferated with the shadows of humanity, where every stranger is a threat to our kingdom, every country is a competitor, and a rat eat rat world it has come to be. George F. Kennan: An American Life is a book on one of diplomats of United States during the era of Cold War. The time to quit the all encompassing love for the loudness of fear has been the story of the world. George Kennan was a man who traded his comfort for curiosity to learn more about himself and how his contradictions told him the truth about his experiences. The intriguingly outright life of Kennan has been detailed in this book that will let you in on the confidential information meant for only few in this world where all are equal, so we are told.

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