Author : Hari Kunzru ISBN : 030795711X Publisher : Knopf

Jaz and Liza Matahru's lives have been delineated from the track of the normal, as their son Raj disappears in the midst of a family vacation, and they are left chasing their shadows. The wave of gloom that sets in leaves them with no choice but to sulk in the emotions that house the underground. However, Mojave is a mystical place and it has strange forces that act out their duties in concealment. Their son Raj returns, unscathed from the whole episode, and fills his parent's hearts with joy. The boy is back and looks physically and emotionally sound but his life has been changed and his parents will know as their life is interconnected with the unfolding of the events that are pending. The path their life is to assume a face that will shake them and shackle them to tremor and grief.

The desert is a place where all the events have been undergoing a transformation through unheard sub-levels of fear, and the families realize that the undoing of their story is also connected with a lot of other families into an amassed ordeal of even those who have traveled their before. The story is driven by screaming phrases that quell your recovery, and passages that will drive you to your horror. The volatile is kicked heavily and it is made to retreat to a zone where fear retires into the moving. The book takes you to the setting of the desert where all the different entities arrive to claim their dues; this book will help you with the twisted travails of the characters in a place known as the Pinnacles. The book holds the impact of the blows delivered to your gut, and makes it stay, an intellectually overpowering tale, Gods Without Men is a tale of people whirling through this infinite cycle, currently in the setting of our universe.

The trampoline of emotions become overcrowded, as the author brings a tale that entices you to being submerge in your own fear of apprehensions. The light that clings to the shadow through the varying objects of references rain heavily as the passages bring you directly in touch with the life of a young family being subjected to the forces understood as the other-worldly. The frame of inferences strive for a quick burial as they are constantly swallowed by the new wave of impulses which are queued in succession. Gods Without Men is a tale on the Matharu's, who dreamt of a vacation away into the desert, but the environment had other plans for them. The road that the family has to walk on in order to make it to the the other end of the struggle, is what makes up the story of the book. The faith in oneself has to live through the questioning unharmed, and people will be called for a look inside their own abilities to predict their experiences and deal with the outcome.

Nhut Pham

Nhut Pham

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