Author : Gillian Flynn ISBN : 030758836X Publisher : Crown

5 years into their marriage Nick and Amy have accumulated their family's presence around in Missouri to celebrate their anniversary. And as the day of the ceremony arrives then Nick figures out that Amy has left the room and is no where to be found. But the diary of Amy spill that she was always in the quest of pushing her individuality, and her escape should not come as a surprise to anyone, is the implication of the diary. But people are petrified on the face of this reality and all they can think of is that probably Nick has everything to with Amy's disappearance. And Amy's parents belligerently question Nick's integrity and in order to protect himself and for obvious yet hidden motives he gets entangled in a stream of lies apprehension that surround his image of the husband-of-the-year and being the golden boy of the town. Gillian Flynn knows how it hurts and how it hurts real bad to know the reasons of your own missing identity while constantly searching for something new.

But as the controversy of a missing wife surrounds the town everyone is engulfed in suspicion and in blatant exposition of fear and apprehension dancing within. The town is made up of people who are deeply moving as characters who have life and who seem to be living among us in an unconscious manner. The cops try to get closer to the true picture of the case and Nick is pleading innocent, however, he is still not declared guilt-free. Nick acts incongruously at times and that puts many a question over his intentions and also the different ways through which one can afford to gather their nerves in order to kill someone, most importantly his wife. And the cops are soon to find a silvery gift box that holds some secret that no one knows. See you on the other side. Gone Girl is anything but ordinary and you will be take for a ride of inferences rotating and spewing the possibilities as it spins.

After one has given himself to the crime then it becomes very difficult for him to not be tempted to commit a crime that might injure someone else. And the world ceases to be a home for life which it is actually supposed to do in the first place. And when most people are trapped in their mental tendencies then logic seems to be transitory and things are not at all well defined, instead everyone is free to choose their right and wrong at a given point of time and that describes the quality of life of a person, and we are miles away from anything normal. This is subversive in a very conventional way, in reference to the depictions that the book makes the vile of the mind seem to be astoundingly prevalent and evocative. And it appears in the book that many are know themselves by the image they have of themselves and this book is arm wrestle of two such uncompromising personalities who are bounded and driven by a foreign particle, unknown the better, read the book. Gillian Flynn has devised an over-powering narrative of relationships and things that govern the relationships.

Nhut Pham

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