Author : Esi Edugyan ISBN : 1250012708 Publisher : Picador

Half-Blood Blues: A Novel is a novel based on the time of widespread oppression of the Nazis. Hieronymus Falk, a prodigy and an exceptional player of the trumpet plays in a popular jazz band called The Hot Time Swingers and is arrested in a Paris cafe. With a promising career suspended mid air the young musician who was hailed as a genius by the great Louis Armstrong himself, was never to be heard from for a long time. 15 years later Falk was known as a jazz legend. There is a documentary to be made on Falk and the African-American members of the band Hot Time Swinger, Chip Jones and Sid Griffiths, the band members, have agreed to appear in it. As they are invited to the premier they will have to elaborate on their role in the making of Falk. The two jazz old hands set on an invigorating journey full of surprises.

The book Half-Blood Blues: A Novel is a book that will take you across the period of World War II to the 1950s and beyond, and how the lives of all of them were connected with each other and the world around them. Esi Edugyan in his story sketches the various emotional paradigms of love and fear, and what exactly led to Falk's imprisonment in the first place with the constant surveillance by a lurking conspiracy. How the life with all its colors and shapes creates patterns for people to follow, and how the race and propagandas can be mixed to create a mix of diversifying agents of human experiences, and how music can express all of it better than any other expression with the power of sound.

Esi Edugyan has detailed the un-occupancy of life to its surroundings and the various forms through which the conflicts retaliate. The Half-Blood Blues: A Novel is a book that will send your emotions back to where they sprawl from as it takes a derelict life take form of one draped in nothing. The angst that an ambition can carry and represent is threatening to the health of the soul of an individual. And as the narrator goes about the story he makes no qualms about retelling his life without interrupting his calmness. The book dwells on the aspect of the human understanding of the cosmic events that unfold in form of dancing matter, of emotional explosion or repression or the third.

The book has the backdrop of war as just a co-incidence to the lives of the characters, and the backdrop that this book's mood is set on is the vast but finite agglomeration of human emotions. The drive to set out to achieve what has risen from the mind claims the attention of the people at a blistering pace than usual, and the author chooses to show how the characters are affected by the under current of the river of the mind, the book is set to unravel the constricted pseudo identities of self and the unpacking of all its constituents.

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