Author : Frank Peretti ISBN : 1439192677 Publisher : Howard Books

Dane and Mandy, an extremely talented act that performed magic for almost 40 years. As a brutal car accident shakes their lives and reshapes it into a tragic tale of blatant catastrophe. Mandy loses her life in the accident and Dane is left alone consoling himself, but the truth is that Mandy through a mystical passage has escaped death and finds herself brought back to life in the form of a teenager she was once. She travels through time and space at will, she has lost the sense of what future means to her. She is restricted to a mental ward that confines her to her own lack of abilities. Mandy has access to powers that help her escape the ward, to a world of freedom. Mandy rediscovers life through magic as she starts making a living out of tricks and illusions done on streets and an old coffee shop. Frank Peretti with his book Illusion: A Novel brings to the fore a tale of a magic,love and suspense lost in space and time for reasons unknown.

Dane watches young Mandy perform and is astonished at the sheer skill of hers, oblivious to the fact that she is the very Mandy he spent most of his life performing magic with. The different trials of the life of Mandy is yet to unfold its true nature as they figure out a way to perform their functions without any interference from their conscious mind, her powers are a gateway for her to express her creative freedom, she thinks, but it actually can be controlled by the perpetrators who are the reason for Mandy to be back in the living, and they control the very direction the life of Mandy is to go. Dane and Mandy however, develop a teacher and student relationship, unaware of the extraneous factors that govern the very circumstances that theor lives are subjected to. As Mandy tries to discover why she is so inclined towards Dane and vice versa they are about to encounter the reality that is shrouded by the present.

Dane and Mandy's lives have changed forever, it is not a comfortable ride it was anymore, as an accident changes the plot into a sci-fi twirl as iy slowly unwinds the possibilities of everything normal systematically. Illusion: A Novel brings you in touch with the timeless elements of our nature to feel and express. The travails of the life subjected to all the uncertain events that can completely eradicate all the sense of comfort is actually a force meant to drive you away from all that you think it is to what it actually is, and your co-operation to the situations can be best expressed through patience and an attitude that is submissive to higher possibilities. The background of the book is the human urge to feel the need for its union with peace, for which it has to cross the ocean of chaos. Frank Peretti is a back with his brilliance that will give the readers sleepless nights.

Nhut Pham

Nhut Pham

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