Author : Christopher Paolini ISBN : 0375856110 Publisher : Knopf Books for Young Readers

Christopher Paolini, an exploring composer of epic fantasy and fiction, has come up with Inheritance, the fourth and final book to the Inheritance Cycle comprising of Eragon, Eldest, Brisingir, and Inheritance.

The story revolves around Eragon and the Varden's final and crucial mission to defeat Galbatorix, where the four races of Alagaesia namely the humans, the dwarves, the elves, and the Urgals come together to fight against one common enemy. As the alliance prepare themselves for the brutal battle in Uru’Baen, the Varden is lead by Roran through a series of needless victories. Nasuada, their leader, is kidnapped and tormented in the chambers of Galbatorix; in the meanwhile Eragon, Glaedr, and Saphira are headed to the Rock of Kuthian, which lies on the island of Vroengard. Following a cryptic message from Solembum, they come to a stage where they have to gain access to their primordial names in order to open the Vault of Souls. What they encounter there is what they were all hoping for deep within.

The series of fortunate incidents gives rise to a shatterproof confidence for the army, acting as a compensation for what has been lost in the course. Not too far, a battleground awaits a zillion paws to parade together to face Galbatorix in a win or die battle.

Paolini, who started writing this series at the age of 15, has almost been successful in delivering what his cult fans anticipate with the release of every book from the sequel. With all his previous books delivering dragon tales in an altered way that somehow kept its readers entertained, there is a narrow possibility that this one might leave the fans waiting for some fast paced, gripping adventure throughout the book.

The Inheritance series depicts the usual rising of a savior to lead a dying civilization towards defeating a menacing foe, which has been broadcast in million different ways in fictional books and movies, for example - The Lord of the Rings, Warcraft, the Harry Potter series, Star Wars etc. The fact that one common plot has been manipulated over a million times to be presented in uncommon ways, evidently reveals a stalled progression in the field of art and literature. The book, is quite efficient in its narration most of the times, almost delivering the quality of entertainment it promises; however, there are few unfilled spaces in the book probably because the author chose to keep the book mystical.

Although the book contains elongated descriptions that could have been cut short for optimized engagement of the reader, Paolini does some justice to the mystical aspect of art by choosing to keep certain parts of the story intriguing. Also, the readers will come across a couple battle scenes that they are likely to find unnecessary. Inheritance is a short-seems-long ride through another fantasy involving dragons, heroes, villains, allies, and magic. Existing fans are most likely to find the book worth a read, but some may be left unsatisfied due to their anticipation that kind of got auto-developed while they were engrossed in the previous books from the series.

Nhut Pham

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