Author : Richard Zacks ISBN : 0385519729 Publisher : Doubleday

New York wasn't always as neat as it is now, it has seen times that would put the pride of the city to shame. The book is on Theodore Roosevelt as he was appointed as the police commissioner of the city, as it was moving through the worst phase of its crimes and social defects. The decadence of corruption of the human mind in all its colors is what filled the New York city then. The gambling spots, the midnight saloons and the soaring prostitution is all that decorated the streets of the city. Island of Vice is a book on the battle between Theodore Roosevelt and the propagators of the vices that overpopulated New York with all the weakness induced machinations of the mind.

The time was the end of the 19th century, and many people were intrigued at the state of affairs but not the policemen, who helped the deadly fumes of moral decay spread in the environment. The place is abundant with all the morbid insinuations of the decayed, Roosevelt's scourge took form of a definite force that would not budge at anything as he resolved to eradicate it all, from the root. The septic tank of all the crimes and violence kept filling as people just watched it sprawl. The author puts forth a brilliant exhibition of Roosevelt's determination and courage to annihilate the damned ways of New York's gang-lords. The drive of the future leader to systematically wipe evil off the face of the city and to convince its inhabitants to develop healthy attitudes of living is what the book reflects.

The sacrilegious code of misconduct that the city of New York was proliferated with, itched the eye of Theodore Roosevelt, an itch that had to be cured, the ill effects of a want driven society has been in front of our eyes for us to see, but it was much worse then during the 1890s. The time is depicted with a devotion to the truth in narration of the story. The life of New York breathed in morally famished grounds of existence, comfortably; the crashing stories of rotten consciousness spreading at ease will make you suffocate with the obnoxious smell of the city's past. The book also features small and brief appearances by other flag bearers of intellectual brilliance, the likes of Twain and Crane.

The story is about the ambitious and callow diligence of young Theodore Roosevelt. Island of Vice describes the ever-on-going battle of good and evil in a familiar place, New York city. The landscapes that are described are very aesthetic in their appeal and it verily creates an ambiance of thrill and suspense, aiding to the plot. The book follows the trail of Roosevelt as he sets on an epic journey of life that saw him become the President of the United States of America, with all the love for his nation.

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