Author : James S.A. Corey ISBN : 0316129089 Publisher : Orbit

Humans have managed to take their urge to acquire take them very far, as they have colonized the entire solar system. The various planets, and the Moon along with the asteroid belt have been captured and have been run by humans, but the stars still lie way outside of the reach of human potential to reach them. Jim Holden, an ice miner travels far and wide, along the Milky Way. The miner on a voyage with his crew stumble upon an abandoned ship known as the The Scopuli, wherein lies the secret that can change the face of the universe. They find out that a war is about to break, and that a mass slaughter of lives would follow the war. A detective named Miller is involved in a case looking for a missing girl who is suspected to be abducted; her parents are extremely rich and want to find their girl at any cost, in a inter-planetary system that spans a huge amount of outer space a girl has to be found.

When the clues lead Detective Miller to the abandoned ship, he sees the link between the impending danger of a war and the missing girl. Holden, a friend from the other side of the law has joined hands with Detective Miller and wants to save the world from the damage that can be avoided. The two now have the responsibility to tie the ties between Earth, and the fellow heavenly bodies from the solar system and some secret organizations that function to keep their vested interests alive. The odds are stacked against the duo to make it all right. How they manage to save the Galaxy and the girl is what Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse) traces and brings you out into the fight that will decide the future of the Universe.

Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse) is a book that brings the universe in to your home, as it humanizes the universe with all the planets colonized and an inter-planetary system that is filled with the shadows of humanity, as the moral filth that encourages envy and greed to grow and which eventually culminates in to a war. The book displays some crazy outer-space nuances that might amuse you or might contribute to increase the levels of your excitement and thrill. The varying parameters that twist the surroundings of the protagonists confuse them and surround them with an ever changing frame of reference as they retreat only to get back stronger with conflicting personalities that help them get the best out of each other.

This book is one of the series that is to follow, and it makes a mark on the heads of people who can visualize the outstretched hands of decay reaching to devour the universe, but not without a fight, a fight from the good, and that sustains. The conflict that sets them on their path gradually uncovers itself, but it chases the readers to run for the comfort that an assumption provides. The readers have a lot to wait for in the upcoming novels from the series.

Nhut Pham

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