Author : Joshua Foer ISBN : 0143120530 Publisher : Penguin

Once upon a time, a forgetful science journalist had the privilege to cover the US Memory Championship. Fascinated by the performance of the competitors, he begins to interview them only to find out that Ben Pridmore, the current world memory champion, was able to memorize accurately the order of alignment of 1,528 digits in an hour. Overwhelmed by his own captivation, he decided to learn about memorizing techniques that these scholars have been practicing. Following a cutting-edge research, he chooses to take part in the competition, only to become bewildered by his own victory.

Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything speaks about optimizing the mind's ability to memorize and remember, as Joshua Foer places before his readers, the cultural history of memory and traditional techniques that caused his transformation from a forgetful science journalist to a US Memory Champion. He explains his encounter with several people with unique memories, where he learned that one can indeed memorize complex mathematical formulae with no need to know any math at all and how one of the mentalists he met could memorize over 9,000 books.

Recalling visual memories or imageries are far easier than remembering complex information like lists or schedules; however, with expert's advice, Foer learned how to convert a potentially complex memory into something that his brain could easily remember. This book is a standing evidence for the fact that there's nothing tricky or clever in having a strong memory; in fact, the techniques or the "secrets" are easily accessible to anyone.

Foer's access to these priceless information has in fact made him realize that we forget too much, too often. A Study shows that one squanders over his unfound memories for approximately forty days in a year. Remembering is art; from a wider perspective, the sum of one's memories makes him "him". The perception about human remembering takes an evolved form as Joshua explains the PAO system, where numbers are converted into images and are as memories in the chambers of imagery structures.

Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything takes you deep within your mind, marking the beginning of a transformation, a journey of remembrance. As the author discovers that memory competitions are not much of a test to our memories as compared to developing steadfastness and creativity, he helps us become familiarized with the working of our memories, which in turn inspires one to implement the tricks of the masters and experience the optimization of mind and memory. The title traces back to the memory device that Foer used to improve his memory during the championship.

Many a times, our brain seems to have reached a saturation point and no matter how much we try, we won't go beyond a particular level of performance pertaining to any given action. However, it is certainly possible if you could get the task under your conscious control. Sweat to push yourself beyond comfort and you'll find that evolving isn't so difficult.

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