Author : James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge ISBN : 0316036218 Publisher : Little, Brown and Company

James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge have collaborated their efforts to bring forth a book on a woman who thinks who has evaded her past, and is safely away from it, only to realize that her life is never going to be same anymore as she has a confrontation with her conscience. Nina Bloom is a lawyer-mother who could go to any extent to protect and care for her child. As Nina was trying to dwell in her shadows for safety she is thrown into a relapse of her memory as she relives the repressed fears that form a fountain of paranoia. She has secured a life safely away from the decay of her past and in denial but she can't see an innocent framed for his life and decides to return to the dreaded ruins of her past to configure it to the condition it deserves.

She had a perfect life, a beautiful attire of skin and bones along with a sparkling charm, she had a husband who was working in the police and had plans of a perfect future in her eyes. But her life takes a u-turn off the road of her expectations and assumes a curve that lead her away from her husband as she is pregnant with her first kid. The secret that has been chasing her for 18 years is back, and to haunt her with a greater intensity than ever before. But Nina decides to take her fears by the hand and end it for good as she goes back to the place, which she had fled years ago. Now You See Her is a book on the life of a woman who is about to confront her shadows in the light of the 'whole'.

The authors have written a book that suspends the mind of the readers as they let themselves go with the flow of narration that takes courses that leave them in a frenzied state of mind eager to know more about the path that Nina is to take. The story is off the radar of stereotypical fiction cases of men on the run, the life of the protagonist is caught up in the web of situationally induced circumstances that drive her to be away from all that she once cherished and deeply loved, leaving it behind. The brilliant cosmetics of the character and the layering of her entire life is deeply engaging and the readers will be drawn into the brilliance in story telling on their own.

The unveiling of the suspense is as excruciating as the life of the central character, and the different layers that peel off along the read are malignantly conceited, and surprises the understanding of the readers. The sedimentation of facts on our mind is gradual and builds anticipation as the book takes nerve-wrecking turns, and makes the readers deal with a stolen moment. The surprises fly like a unmonitored undoing of a Pandora's Box. The different games that Nina's mind plays to take refuge in conceit and self-deception were shattered by her as she decided to stand-up against the underworld of her psyche, that brings along with it, a battle of survival as she fights her enemies who scarred her life years ago.

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