Author : Michio Kaku ISBN : 0307473333 Publisher : Anchor

Physics of the Future tries to a deep look into the future, strongly rooted to the present all the way. The book helps you to form an image of the future with the help of passages that describe the effervescence of science and technology, and the path it is to take. Michio Kaku has brought various predictions for the future of about everything. The places that advances in computer technology is set to take humanity to is covered with elaboration. The book has taken inputs from 300 scientists in the world, who are working towards achieving path-breaking advances in the forefront of various technologies. The book does not only deals with the possibilities of new vacation modes and theme parks, but it also talks about the concerns of the stereotype of regional prosperity and the jobs scene of the future, and how people will survive then.

The book talks about mind boggling advances in technology that will leave you bewildered, it talks about the various inventions and discoveries that hold the potential to change the course of the world economy. The words of the scientists who work with cutting edge technologies for the advancement of the science make for an excellent report on the different ways of harmonizing the technology and the interface of their prototypes. Most importantly the author discusses the need and the ways of following a strict disciplinary conduct which is universal, for the safer and faster growth of technology. Physics of the Future deals with the pros and cons and the third in the interpretation of his own foresight about life in the future.

The harmonic variations of the different attitudes that merge towards one common goal of preservation and sustenance of our bliss and ordeals as a race, to be connected to our environment consciously, with all efforts dedicated to raising the bar of our own capabilities, off the hook, once and for all. To become one with the infinity, is what physics tries to do through recording phenomenons of nature through theories and so on. As our curiosity for future would seek a peek into how life would be hundred years down the line, Michio Kaku opens up a new horizon of information that rains a lot of hints for a probability. The book is totally futuristic in information, but is more inclined towards what the world would look like rather than what it would feel like to live in such a world.

The book is a waste of time for those who are reading it for visual stimulation, and for those interested in knowing about the deliberation on the technology of the future can note its direct relation to the technological advancement made till now and of the present. The various aspects of information will colorize your imagination in thinking about the convenience and comfort that technology brings and at costs of what, and how much.

Nhut Pham

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