Author : Ernest Cline ISBN : 030788743X Publisher : Crown

Ernest Cline paints an uncomely scene of the future real-world, where humans choose to evade their deformed surrounding by getting themselves jacked during their conscious hours into OASIS, a virtual multi-verse, an Arcadia, a promised land where one can live their play, happily ever after, or so do they all assume at nascent.

2044, Evading the rage of an over-exploited planet: James Halliday, the inventor of this new form of internet called OASIS, has claimed before his death that he has strategically located a series of secret puzzles within the labyrinthine virtual realm, and that unlocking them will eventually subject the player to a godly fortune and power. Wade Watts, another protagonist civilian amidst the losing humanity, is overwhelmed by his drive to be the one to inherit Halliday's fortune, and prepares to face the oncoming challenges that are certainly several degrees beyond being difficult. The challenge holds vague familiarity with the 1980's pop cultures, which gives rise to a humorously characterized nostalgic effect throughout the OASIS.

In the meanwhile, Wade approaches the first puzzle, and thousands of competing avatars choose to wait and watch, while some crooked ones take form of real villains as they feel the surge to win the ultimate prize anyhow, at any cost. As the story acquires the much awaited heat, an unsuspecting Wade is left pulverized as he finds out that the only way to escape this death-bound play is to get back to the repulsive real-world and face the grim that he has always been keen on avoiding. Ready Player One is a pulsating ride through a virtual terrain, that is certainly not free from bloodstained mistakes and contradictions.

For some reason, the story seems to be a hybrid of the Hollywood blockbusters Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Gamer, and Matrix; however, the plot does not disappoint us at all. A fiction is likely to resemble other fictions, and so is the case with Ready Player One, but it stays within the boundaries; readers are bound to experience something new. Satisfaction of their senses and expectations is a child's play for Ernest, as he manages to engage his readers in the virtual world of chaos and deciphering that he has carefully assembled, with utmost convenience.

Ready Player One is an invigorating adventure presented in its tenfold. The virtual space that the author has designed is a standing evidence for the fact that he had been indulged in thorough excavation of imagination; most of the situations and sub-plots do justice to art as they steal the show, unmarred. OASIS is likely to become a temporary interface for the reader's dreams, as they drown in the author's abstract yet seamless imagination. Action does contribute to a major portion of the novel's encompassing content, and the readers are subject to numbing thought processes as they are busy visualizing the arena in the forefront of their mind. In short, the novel is a tome of entertainment, involving engrossing action, stageless romantic melodramatics, survival, adventure, evasion, and decoding of geeky puzzles.

Nhut Pham

Nhut Pham

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