Author : Neal Stephenson ISBN : 0061977969 Publisher : William Morrow

After the New York Times #1 bestseller Anathem, Neal Stephenson, brings us REAMDE, a thousand-paged enthralling and engrossing sci-fi thriller/adventure that revolves around the story of a techie entrepreneur who somehow gets intertwined in the enfilade caused by his own online role-playing war game.

After having smuggled marijuana across the borders of Idaho and Canada that brought him fortune, Richard Forthrast, a gifted hunting guide, escapes into the mountains of British Columbia in 1972, driven by the repercussions of his supposedly unethical, illegal act. In due time, he goes clean, and following the condonation of his draft dodgers, he returns to US. He decides to invest the wealth he has acquired into building a resort in the remotelands, where he chooses to live alone.

Further down the course of time, he creates a cult-gravitating online multiplayer first-person shooter game called "T'Rain" which eventually takes form of a multi-billion dollar success. This kind of attracts a community of hackers who demand a substantial sum of blackmail money by developing and unleashing a virus called "REAMDE" that is created to encrypt all the electronic files of anyone who plays the game. This accidentally triggers a pernicious war beyond the virtual realms of T'Rain, where an unsespecting Richard becomes the point of target. REAMDE will keep you engrossed and shock-bound as the accidental heroes and villains come eye-to-eye for a final faceoff.

Literature meets cyberpunk, yet way ahead than whatever it seems. Stephenson killed it. Finally, we see the concept of sci-fi thrillers being taken beyond the common lines. REAMDE is a mirror that reflects the digitally deformed globe of the 21st century, projecting the viscous shades of infestation by the profound cynics of our society. Glide vicariously through the crimson stream of turbulence, inhaling the raunchy scent of an inhuman congregation as the wealthy, the crooked, the evasive, and the desperate come together only to be taken apart.

Seamless, explicit narration is bound to keep the readers glued to the book as the author takes them for a jaunt through the tortuous maze bearing evident traces of technology, mathematics, cryptography, philosophy, and the scarred fundamentals of currency. The characters represent the ubiquitous parasites of the human realm, longing for plagued action in the course of an evolution that is characterized by tedium. As the author explores a highly innovative dimension, a close observation of its elements has indeed facilitated this ambitious attempt. Entertainment takes a deeper, denser form; the anti-gravitational pull of the story will keep you craving for more as you come closer to finishing the book. Twilight shines upon an empty space, marking a freshly discovered dimension, where symmetry seems too vague to be familiar.

Experience omni-directional gravity as the story redefines speed. REAMDE is a galvanizing adventure that will make the long story seem shorter than short.

Nhut Pham

Nhut Pham

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