Author : Jodi Picoult ISBN : 1439102740 Publisher : Atria/Emily Bestler Books

Beresford, New Hampshire: Luke Warren, having spent a substantial amount of time in the Canadian forest, studying closely the social behavior of wolves, comes to a conclusion that animals are not as disappointing as humans are. His family is a shattered mirror, now merely the reflection of a tragic past. Memories speak of a disappointed wife who left him a while ago, seeking freedom from an empty relationship, and a son who had lost his faith in what was left of the family, who chose to isolate himself from his father at the age of 18, without uttering a word of goodbye. The only person of the primordial family who is still in touch with him is his 17 year old daughter, Cara.

One evening: Cara is out with her friends and has a little too much to drink. The party gets over and now she has to get back home. She calls her father and asks him to come pick her up.

Bangkok, Thailand: The phone rings. Edward, a 24 year old teacher who happens to be a gay, answers the call. It's Georgie, his mother, who has a disturbing news to share. She informs him about an automibile accident involving his father and Cara, his younger sister. As he quickly decides to take a 24 hr flight to visit a recovered sister and a dying father on life support with only 10% chance of recovery, old dark memories and presupressed emotions show up again in the form of a multitude of questions and contradictions, and he is left to empathize for the man from whom he chose to walk away, six years ago.

Progression in the plot reveals a conflicting situation - Cara longs for her father's recovery, whereas Edward is trying to do what's best for the family. The situation stands stagnant as a dilemma with secrets, love, past, and pain anchored to its terrain below. Lone Wolf: A Novel by Jodi Picoult is a chromatic happening, an extended moment, a learning, an episode...

Jodi Picoult, the masterful author who leaks the essence of complexity and controversy in her novels, has done it again in her nineteenth book. The amount of time and energy she has put into studying the behavioral attributes of wolves, when in packs and when alone, and their association with the social characteristics of humans, can be evidently seen in the narration of the story through the voice of Luke Warren, before the accident. The story is narrated in the voices of all the members of the family, reflecting an array of emotions and opinions, doing their best for the interpretation of a closed happening.. closed, it only seems at nascent.

As the story progresses, complications in Edward's judgments signify the weight of the situation, a stressful state of relentless advocacy. Cara, Georgie, and Edward are characters of our own selves/shades, or maybe they just seem a little too familiar to our "persona-l" attributes. Reading through Lone Wolf: A Novel is like discovering and knowing all the surface aspects of the functioning of a psychological spine. Now, how about a spine for an environment, a space, or let's say... a communication?

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