Author : Bob Gruen ISBN : 081099772X Publisher : Abrams

Bob Gruen's association with a popular band won't add anything to his name, his contribution to the act of making legends of moments that signified expression of self. The 40 years that he spent on road with various bands has led to a collection that is now openly shared with the world. This work celebrates the early pioneers of Rock Music and the flag-bearers of today. He had a close association with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and there are candid photos of the Lennons that tells the story that lies within. The craftsmanship of men who assisted the flourishing a new and refreshing form of music that questioned the realities of life and opened new doors of perception and intuitions for the people.

The photos seize the emotions of the artists as they go about their lives doing what they do, the power of communication that Rock Music invokes can be felt through the hearts of countless fans and admirers of the expression. The book Rock Seen has a lot of pictures of the famous bands of the past, like Led Zeppelin, Ramones, and The Rolling Stones to name a few. The sermon of the flooding that ensued the movement of the Rock n' Roll generation left a residue of a lot of good for nothing bands, but they are not featured in this book,Green Day is featured in this book as they perform to overstuffed stadiums. The various versions of the same truth is been propagated in many different ways throughout time and Rock Music did it in another unique way in the recent history.

Bob Gruen captures the memories as a blueprint for the reference to many legendary tracks that are played all over the world that make people come alive and rise outside themselves. The book gives you a view into the early New York scene and how it all transpired in to its state of present.

Bob Gruen has worked with the top bands that rose to the peak and gave way for others to rise in their place. The book is a peek into the multifaceted brilliance in the scope of Rock Music that crosses the audio-visual boundaries of perception and aims to set the listeners free. The close association of Gruen with various top artists make this book a collectors item for the collectors. It is a work of art that tries to define an era through the pages that disperse the glory of the past in to the air of the present and presents the present in a way it has come to be, but with a view fixed at the reach of the band and not the influence they have on people like it used to be earlier. The gamut of sounds that is delivered autonomously through the medium of audio and through the various artists of-course. Rock Seen is a visual autobiography of what is known as Rock Music.

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