Author : Rosamund Lupton ISBN : 030771652X Publisher : Broadway

Rosamund Lupton's Sister: A Novel is a book that takes a dip into the ocean of possibilities without any sense of returning back to the surface. Tess is a 21 year old girl who refuses to be bounded by any boundaries of self and the society, she is found dead, and the police have termed the incident a suicide. Bee is the elder sister of Tess, she is the one who contradicts her little sister by being grounded to her conservationist instincts, and provides her little sister a canopy of care and support through her unassuming love for her little sister. Bee is unable to realize the incident with the conformity that her family has been able to sustain. She is completely shaken and she wants to reach the end of the suspense that binds her to the turmoil of digging for the truth behind her sister's loss of life. Now Bee's life takes form of an obsession that is unrelenting even at the thought of losing her own life.

As Bee gets deeper into the investigation she figures out that Tess was treading on the path that turned out to be more unfortunate than she could possibly presume. Bee learns that Tess had an affair with a man who was married and that the affair had lead to a pregnancy. Tess was also involved in a medical experiment wherein she had to consume few drugs that could have had serious untoward implications. As Bee moves further with her investigation she finds that Tess also had a stalker within or outside her imagination, and who might have had a part to play in the irreversible tragedy. Bee finds herself in the middle of an agglomeration of facts that point towards a murder scene and not a suicide. The obsession of a wounded sister is expressed through the anguish of Bee as she writhes in an hostile awareness of pain emanating from the loss, and writes an open letter to Tess that forms the narration of the novel.

The objective of death is to complete life, but an untimely and unprecedented death brings the same but it is hard to be impersonal to loss of a loved one while keeping the absolute intuition in mind. The story of Bee is the same, she finds herself in an unending aftertaste of a brutal incident in which her younger sibling Tess had to part ways with her own life. The life of Bee is forever stung and changed as she dwells in the reechoing of the cries of justice which she sees as her sister's voice in her unconscious. Bee battles all the straws of uprising that enrage in her head that bites the back of her patience and tolerance. However, the power of human will can drive people to God, and a murder mystery is a mere passing thought in front of the ultimate freedom from thought.

The power of love which guides Bee through her vengeance gets her face to face with all the dreaded and doomed of the world, as she is dead inside to find life, with the only feeling that would seem to pacify her is the meting out of justice to her sister. Sister: A Novel is Rosamund Lupton's view on tragedy that tears lives only to knit it stronger back again.

Nhut Pham

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