Author : Harlan Coben ISBN : 0525952276 Publisher : Dutton Adult

Stay Close is a novel on three individuals who are living lives that they would wish away, holding on to deeply buried secrets that none close to them would ever have suspected them of possessing. Megan, a soccer mom who has an almost perfect life in form of a perfect husband, children but an unhealthy urge of lack of contentment. Jack, is a detective who has got stuck in a case that has been the most intriguing one he has ever encountered; the duo of a father and a son had disappeared 17 years ago and they still haven't returned to their waiting family, waiting for their safe arrival back home. Ray, once a photographer working towards making powerful documentaries has embraced the life of a celebrity photographer, a paparazzo, always on the prowl to click pictures of celebrities to feed the children with information on the personal lives of them.

They live in a disbelief of getting away with their past as they await their future. The life of the three collides the sides, and they are brought back into the midst of chaos that tells them that they are not free from their past. And their recognition of the harsh fact that lives can be tossed out of control with the slightest of disturbance that can shake the foundations of family. Their way to realizing that how easy it is to lose it all, and that danger is the second name for every opportunity. Their vulnerability drags them through the ordeals of a life that seeks fulfillment and how life can be out of control in a moment, with the trail of good and bad making its presence felt in every feeling of conflict. Harlan Coben writes an exceptionally conceptual and awe-inspiring novel that will excite your perception of innovativeness.

The life in a suburban setting can be safe but boring, and they can make a person numb to their own existence and drive them to the heights of parallel thinking, a bilateral attitude that never meets. Harlan Coben makes an entry in to the different domains of human psyche unassumingly, unnoticed in its trace. The development of various levels of suspense that unravel in a collinear manner, and the ambience that the book creates makes a reader value his experience of reading. The various pictures of human emotions are painted in colorful details but with a shadow that binds all. The society, the individual and the relevance of past in the present, and many more strikingly common human tendencies are discussed in Stay Close .

The sharp curves in the book will make you regain your breath as you get pushed of the edge over and over again. The bends are unforgiving as well, and the best way to enjoy the experience is to surrender the outcome to the book and just read the book without developing any presumptions.

Nhut Pham

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